RealXGear Xtreme Large Cooling Towel 2pk

**Item: **RealXGear Xtreme Large Cooling Towel 2pk
Price: $9.99
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Condition: New

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Solid reviews (4.2 out of 5.0) over at amazon


I bought one of these at a sporting goods store in South Florida. I thought we’d use it on our small bulldog who gets overheated easily.

While that is an excellent use for this fabulous item, its use is certainly not limited to the dog.

This thing is quite wonderful for humans and actually does what it says it does – and it miraculously stays cool! I think we paid 14.99 for ONE towel at the store, so this WOOT is a great deal.

Highly recommended!

I got these in May and signed in just now to say they work. I took them camping and they cooled me off, brought them to Europe for 18 day trip and helped a lot in the heat of the day, slipped back into included zipper pouch and it didn’t get anything else wet. I also got a set for my parents to take to the beach as the would be perfect to refresh if you were sunbathing. Just refresh the water, works the best with the coldest water available. If your sitting on the fence on these and not sure, get them!

100% agree with DanAlvarez - I bought these in May also and took them to Las Vegas in June to help friends move all their belongings out of a storage unit in 114 degree heat! I credit these with preventing me from passing out! Since they are not dripping wet, they not only keep you cool, but you can wipe sweat from your face, etc. with them. Definitely a good item to keep on hand.
When we got home, it was still blazing hot, so I gave one (I still had a new one in it’s package) to our auto mechanic. He ordered more at full price a few days later for co-workers.

I have one of these (another brand). Like previous posters, i love it. Like previous posters, it keeps me cool and doesn’t get you wet.

Unlike previous posters, i had one issue: i stored it wet and it mildewed overnight.

If you are going to store it, i would let it dry out OR make sure it was impeccably clean (sterile!!) before putting it away!!!

I ordered the 4 pack of these the last time they were on here. They seem to work pretty well, especially if you have a way to keep it wet. The best way I’ve found to use them is draped over my head and across my shoulders, held in place by a hat.

I tried just having it around the back of my neck, but it’s too short to stay in place during any kind of activity at all. That’s my only complaint about the product.

I bought these last time. I left the air conditioner off for a day and my daughter and I returned to an overheated cat. We wrapped Kitty in one of these and she cooled down quickly.

BTW, any monkey should know the word is spelled “separately” not “seperately”. Still, I am in for one.

they work just as good as a wet towel… i bought these a few months ago for me and my dad. we both agree that a wet towel would do the same thing.

Would these help out a panting golden retriever on a hot summer day?

I bought 3 about 18 months ago, 1 for me and 2 for gifts. I think it was $8 for medium and $11 or $12 for large.

These are much more effective than a simple wet towel, unless you have a constant supply of cool water to keep a regular towel cool. These towels will stay cool on their own, as long as they are damp.

The towel will warm up as it cools you down, and then you just have to expose it to air for a while and it will cool back down. That makes them perfect for golf … I wrap it around my neck while walking or riding to my ball, then drape it on the cart while I hit, then repeat. I played numerous rounds in 100+ degree heat last summer, and can’t imagine how uncomfortable it would have been without this towel.

But just to be clear, the towel won’t get cold on its own … I think they say it will get about 20 degrees below ambient, so if it’s 100 the towel will be about 80 … still, that’s a big help on a hot day!

p.s., n43!

I agree that these are a bit on the short side as I bought the four pack last time they were on Woot.
These will help keep you cool. I use them at work. They will not have water running down the back of your neck like a towel will.
They are cool to the touch and kind of clammy feeling. If you’ve ever used a chamois to dry your car, you know what these feel like.
In fact, I did use one to dry my car with.

Bought some of these during the last Woot offer. They definitely help keep things cool on a hot day. The zipper pouches are great for storage too.

The towel itself reminds me more of a foam rubber than a towel when wet. It’s not bad, but something to get used to. I also let one dry out in the basement for a few days thinking I’d fold it up and put it back in the bag, but when they dry they are no longer pliable (like a really starched shirt or worse). So it seems like they have to have some moistness to keep them workable (or dry them prefolded).

That monkey has failed even the basic spelling tests. Back to the drawing board. (Fixed, thanks!)

I think you need to update yourself on Monkey Language: