RealXGear Xtreme Large Cooling Towel 2pk

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RealXGear Xtreme Cooling Towel 2pk
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, Dec 13 and Tuesday, Dec 17)
Condition: New


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Got one this time by watching the youtube channel instead of the woot page…

Good luck to the rest of you, if the yellow button doesnt show up when you review your order just click where it should be and it still works (happened to me this time).

I give up…

Got my BOC! Hooray!

Not in time.

I clicked on it, but still no bag. Sigh

Welcome to the Antechamber of Doom… 3rd time!


Tried the youtube page too - failed just as hard as before. Congrats tho on your crap.

YES! MUHAHHAHAHAHA GOT A BoC \o/ And /NOW/ I can focus on my final exams tomorrow.

The Antechamber of Doom lies! They told me they’d whisk me through checkout, but the place your order button was grayed out!

Got one this time after trying every day. I suggest the Facebook page, as it gets less traffic than the main site.

Was on you tube video, hitting refresh non stop, and it took forever to get link……Didn’t even make it to ante chamber of doom:( sigh!!!

I got a server error and had to back up TWICE. I could have sworn that I was done for, but third time’s a charm and I got my BOC! Whew!

Cooling towels, it’s seven degrees outside.
An Electric blanket is more in tune with bone chilling cold weather outside. Just a thought.

Now I feel better. At least tonight’s missed crap was actually MY OWN fault. On each previous night I was into the Antechamber within 10 seconds MAX. And no crapluck.

Time to check out the product page and learn how it works

Let’s see if this is a deal or a dud

Wouldn’t jumping back into the cold pool or seawater cool me off better than a special towel?