RealXGear Xtreme Large Cooling Towel 4pk

A couple of good reviews (3.7 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Lot’s of comments for this when it was offered in June.

Here is a promo video, direct from their product site with more info about how it works.


Got it last time. They seem to be made of poured material that seems to be like sponger over a mesh core, thus lots of imperfection forms like exposing of the inner mesh core, etc.

As it was said that it is similar to the Frogg rag. Both might be PVA, but the Frogg has one side that seems to be smooth. And though I didn’t compare it with the Frogg. I did test the Frogg and sham-wow, where the Frogg was much cooler, but my test of this with sham-wow, they cooled each rag about the same.

If you brew beer, I have heard that these help keep the fermentation bucket down a few extra degrees if warmth is a problem.

This looks like it could help me stay cooler when I’m outside during the summer. Heat can be a terrible crippler for people with Multiple Sclerosis, and I hate being shut in on beautiful summer days!

Both these last week. The work okay but not a good as the “Enduracool” BUT they’re also much less expensive. Hate that they get stiff when dry!

I got these the last time and they do what they say. They feel similar to a chamois and dry stiff and work only after they are soaked. I use them to towel off during my workouts and they work well. They do have a chemical smell before they are washed. The “as seen on TV” versions sell for $19.99 for one so this is a deal.

Have you tried a cooling vest? We use them for motorcycle riding, work great and cools for hours. We gave our SIL with MS a TechNique Vest and she lives in it! (lives in Fresno CA).

Glorified overpriced bandanas. I’ve tried two different brands. They work the same, or don’t work the same. It’s like taking off your tshirt, airing it out, and putting it back on. Very cold at first then nothing after it reaches your body temp. Useless to wear it around, it’s like another layer of clothing. Good for when you take a break but so are sweat towels.