Reasons for all those toasters...


David Wooterman’s Top Reasons Why Woot Spends So Much Time Woot-offing Toasters, Blenders, Juicers, and Various Combinations Thereof:

1,042. Woot gods need the time to play with the cool stuff before selling it.

1,041. June wedding season fast approaching, and Woot-meisters know that overwhelmingly male audience likes to plan ahead.

1,040. Valentine’s Day 2007: see above. Also, sensitive, thoughtful kitchen present ensures no need to shop for Valentine’s Day 2008.

1,039. Those 500GB hard drives that would Woot at $2.99 in use holding up bookshelves at Woot HQ.

1,038. Servers don’t need time to cool down. But get out’ th’ way, Matthew’s spent too much time pigging out at the Woot trough!

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