Reata Sonoma Coast Chardonnay (3)

Reata Sonoma Coast Chardonnay 3-Pack
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2012 Reata Chardonnay, Egan Vineyard, Sonoma Coast
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I really enjoyed the reata Sonoma coast PN, I’m sure this is equally good stuff.

The 10 months in French oak has me asking questions wrt style.
Doesn’t seem like this is likely to be steely-crisp, but how much butter-oak is it really?
The PN and Cab were both tasty, just not sure what the style is here.

I’m really hoping someone chimes in that has had this before. I’m on a daily look out for good Chardonnay on WineWoot. Y’all are great on here with all the information you give. Thanks!

From the write up it doesn’t sound too steely. They described as more lush.

Nope, that seems to have been processed by some form of a sarchasm filter.

The wine is not solely buttery…it is more like your toast in the morning with butter and jam…you get both the fruit and butter at the same time…if that make sense.

Great wine with cold salmon.