Rebecca Rugs

“Rebecca Oriental Red/Grey Rug (4 Sizes)”

appears to show a photo of

“Rebecca Oriental Red/Black Rug (6 Sizes)”

I like the Red/Black Rug shown in the photo on the sale for “Rebecca Oriental Red/Grey Rug”.

If I want the red and black rug, which should I purchase??

I must be missing something. I’m looking at the photos for the two you mention and they look different to me.

Yes. That is what I said. They are different from one another, and the PHOTOS contradict the DESCRIPTIONS.

The rug with the title “Red/Black” appears Red/Gray in the photo.

The rug with the title “Red/Gray” appears Red/Black in the photo.

Again, in case it’s not clear:

The “Red/Black” item shows a picture of a Red/Gray rug.

The “Red/Gray” item shows a picture of a Red/Black rug.

The pictures and the titles do not match.

We get our rug photos direct from the vendor but I’ve emailed the buying team to double check.

I do think the title descriptions are a real mess PLUS the Feature description seem to be the SAME for all the rugs - at least for the half doz I checked???

I do have the “Rebecca Oriental Purple/Grey Rug (5 Sizes)” you have to look at the one with 5 Sizes since there are two Purple/Grey What a silly way to distinguish items at a sale??? - ANYWAYS…

I have the long runner & the 5’3" X 7’6". They are both great looking pieces and I believe I paid about the same but not from woot… I really can’t remember. It has been a year or more and I have brain fog.

The colors on my MBP Retina shows a much darker and richer color displayed than what I got.

If you are expecting that deep dark burnt red in the one you are looking for you better try to find some other pics online to verify that this is what you are going to get.

I really like my rugs but colors on monitors can vary a LOT so…

Rugs are often made in a “collection” - same/similar design in different colors. The features/specs will all be the same, save the color.

Can anyone speak to the quality of the material? Softness? The material ‘propelyne’ seems durable but sounds like it may be rough

The construction of this rug is low pile that is meant to look and feel like a hand-knotted rug. It is not super soft since it is a short pile. It is very durable and stain resistant.

All the yarn colors in this collection are the same but that are combined to get different patterns and effects.