Rebel for Life



Nah, Porkins’ helmet was totally different.

Congrats, ORabbit!

This was definitely Luke’s helmet.
The dove was swapped out with the Rebel symbol probably due to copyright issues.

Here’s all of the pilot’s helmets

Because good guys can also have a 'tude ; )

Whoa! The fire in the background is the rebel alliance’s insignia! (Yeah, that took me way too long to notice.)

I feel like a total nerd for getting the star wars reference right away :smiley: Awesome shirt!


Anyone thinking what I’m thinking? Great Tat!!!

It’s a nice DAY to start again.


Owen: I dunno, Luke. I don’t wanna get a butterfly tramp stamp…

Luke: Uncle Owen! What about that one!?

Same here!

A while back I found at goodwill the 3 originals with original cuts (Han shoots first etc.) for only $3.50
Muha ha ha haaa!!!

I figured Luke’s was most recognizable. I swapped out the insignias for swallows to reinforce the tattoo theme.

Thanks everyone! I’m on the road in DC at the moment, so I won’t be able to participate in any flame wars today:(

Hello Kevlar and Wences!

Awesome! I remember seeing this shirt on your facebook page and knowing it would show up somewhere!

Grats Orion!

congrats ORabbit!

Congrats on the print, Orion!

Congrats buddy!

Definitely buying one. Love it!

Congrats Orabbit great work!

I love it!
Just wish it was on the back of the shirt for rolling down the road on a motorcycle.