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The Aluminum Storage Boxes are currently $27.09 with free shipping over $35 on Amazon. Also, Woot leaves out the dimensions: 7 x 4 x 1.75-Inch, 8 x 5 x2-Inch, 9 x 6 x 2.5-Inch. Probably smaller than you thought.

A quick search did not find any proof that ultrasonic pest control works so I believe the below link is still relevant.

Can you please note SPECIFICALLY how many of the Pure Garden rock tiles are included?

Sorry, Woot, but you have a tendancy to “dance around” such information…

The 41-bin storage container is available for $14.99 at Harbor Freight.

Sorry about that- we confirmed with the vendor that it’ll be a pack of 4. We’ll be updating the sale to clarify now.

So, about the headlamp, does it have a red light also?? and if it does is it a blinking red light or a constant red light??

Actually nevermind, quick google search (meaning I clicked on the first like 6-7 websites being: walmart, amazon, home depot, staples, groupon, and so on…) amazon had terrible reviews and it was around $7.00, home depot had it for $8.95, walmart had “Stalwart 12-LED Headlamp Plus 6-LED Flashlight Super Set” for $5.98, staples had it for $7.95… so… yeah i’m not that interested in paying $10.00 for something that has terrible reviews and that is cheaper elsewhere…

Dude! The Stalwart Parts Organizer Box comes with a free ghost (holding a camera, no less).

That “dived” backseat auto organizer reminded me that I always have trouble with “dived” vs “dove.”

The Letter/Number Stamp 38 piece kit
has only 37 pieces according to the specs and description. “use the 6 for a 9”

Checking for clarification from the vendor. I’ll update you when I know more.

UPDATE: Numbers are hard. So we didn’t include “0” as one of the numbers. You know, no value and all…

Specs are updated to reflect that 38 pieces are included. Hope that helps!

According to detailed picture shown here, don’t forget the period (.) is there too.

So the correct parts count should be 38 pieces, plus the case.

What are the dimensions of the Sto-Away Set of 2 Universal Magic Wall Holder and Hooks?

Sorry, the dimensions are: 10.25”L x 2.5”W x 3.4”D

We’ve now added that to the sale.

Pure Garden 82-YJ459 10 Piece Cobblestone Flower Bed Border

Specs say that the dimensions are 95 inches long and that there are 10 per package. Does that mean that there are 10- 9.5 inch cobblestones per box or does a box contain 10 95 inch sections - sort of like what the picture displays?

Never mind - found it on Amazon’s site and yep a box of 10 connects to make a string 95 inches long. Why are they limiting us to purchase 3? That is not a very big garden (or my pool which I put something like this around 15 years ago and was thinking of replacing) but can only buy 3 so that ain’t going to work.