Recessed Storage Potting Bench

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Recessed Storage Potting Bench
Price: $94.99
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I’m actually thinking about using this as a dry bar…

man…i want this thing. i have spent too much money lately though…MUST RESIST BUYING…

cheezy qvc video about this item…but cool info and good to see it in more detail.

Is this cedar or fir? This is the only place I see that it has cedar listed.

How do you get the dirt back out once it falls through the slots?
Nevermind. I saw the plastic tray on the QVC video.

does it have the side shelf? some picture show yes, others not.
also, is it CEDAR? i don’t see that answered…

would like one of these, but it is not enough of a “woot discount” to make me hit it…it’s always been available on amazon…

Our vendor says:


Note that the scientific species of wood is “Cunninghamia”.

Please be advised that it is in fact a Cedar, but commonly referred to as a “China Fir”

side shelf?

The side shelf is not a component included in the box.

does it come with the plastic tray??

It had a side shelf. That was a nice surprise.

No plastic tray. No big deal.

Mine had an enormous crack down the side. Did you know service@woot is no longer around? Anyway - used the web interface to report the crack. Will see how they respond.