Rechargable DC 12 Volt Power Brick Car/Cell/Notebook power


Rechargable DC 12 Volt Power Brick Car/Cell/Notebook power



Product Description: Power It" portable 12V power supply.

The Power It can be recharged by either plugging into an auto’s cigarette lighter port for up to 2 hours while driving, or over night with the Power It AC charger (sold separately).

The Power It is capable of powering many 12v devices such as camcorders, cell phones, emergency lights, 12v radios, 12v TV’s, etc., virtually any thing that can be plugged into a cigarette lighter can be powered by the Power It. The Power It is a small convenience device; however, it has its limitations. Many high current 12v devices will not be powered by the Power It, see the Power It’s instructions for limitations.


only few bucks cheaper than others.
anyway, it’s still a nice deal for those who need it.


well folks, this was not supposed to be todays item. I’ll have to talk to BigD to find out what happened. [edit: looks like we know what happens when two items both have same date now]

anyways, since this item is up and without a good description, I need to explain that this is 2 of the power bricks for 10 bucks. Inside each power brick is 27 aa rechargable alkaline batteries (rayovac in the ones we opened). Therefore, this is 54 rechargable alkaline batteries inside of two 12 volt dc power adapter/chargers. At $1+ value each rechargable alkaline battery (anyone care to research?) we thought it was a decent deal…

you will get 2 of the power adapters per unit order, so if you select 2 on the order page, you will get 4, and if you select 3 you will get 6 for $30. (this was intended when we planned the item for a later date, so anyone already ordering doesn’t need to contact us - you will get 2 units per unit that you ordered)


Alkaline rechargeables? I thought rechargeables were NiMH or Ni-Cad.


here’s a link to staples store with the battery model that we found inside the charge-its. admittedly, it was a pain in the butt to crack one of the charge-its open (please excuse butt and crack proximity) but at least we don’t have to buy batteries in our office for a while. Also of note, these come fully charged just like a non-rechargable alkaline.

no hype intended here, but that’s $2.44 per battery at staples, times 54 that’d $132. there’s gotta be cheaper battery sources out there though right? At $10 that’s 19 cents per fully charged (and rechargable if you have another charger or can figure out how to load them back into the casing) alkaline battery.


I would buy a couple of these, but your form keeps telling me to enter a CC number even after I typed it in. I’ve tried 2 separate cards. What gives? :?:


Is the AC charger or any other adapters included?


Can’t order . I get login errors on both the order page and sidebar over there <====. Not wrong password error but “an error has occured. Try later or refresh”. Tried on both IE and Firefox.


i get the same credit card number error when i’m trying to order with my amex card


I had the same problems. but i figued out that if you Click the “same address as above” whatever button for shipping address, the transactions goes thru just fine.

Chanimal :twisted:


i did use the same address checkbox. i still get the error

on an unrelated note, everytime i post here, i get a forum error page then it posts my message fine


The math isn’t adding up for 27 batteries per pack @ 12 volts. It takes 8 1.5V batteries to get 12 volts. So I could see 24 or 32 batteries per pack. Unless they wired the batteries 9S3P (3 packs of 9 batteries in series wich are then wired in parallel) to increase the voltage to 13.5V.

Just an observation.


forum / ordering errors – the ordering routines and the forum programs are confused with two products initially being scheduled today. we have some orders coming in, but it’s hard to know how many of you it’s refusing CC # from - I have duplicated the problem here and have programmers doing some duck tape coding now. Any errors specific to today should be solved within the hour.

edit 1:30pm cst: posting error notice and CC# not recognized order problem have been fixed.


I would guess they are in a series / parallel setup. I read on another site that it can output 14.5 V at 5 amps or 72 watts. I wonder how long it can do that. Fully charged, AAs put out at least 1.6V, so 9 in series sounds x3 sounds correct.


prying the top off is hard work. A flat-head screw driver can pry the lid off but it’s hard to do it without bending the plastic out of shape. let’s see if this thing can do images:


here’s batteries spilled out. sorry for the small pic but you get the idea. 3 stacks of 9 batteries each. The batteries are secured each other by a bead/line of glue that easily comes of the battery surface. screw driver not included.


What a great site! First time poster and purchaser. I found some links that give a bit more info on the Charge-Its.


Can you charge the aa batteries with a regular NiMH battery charger?



I could be wrong, but it looks like it needs a specialized charger----not even all of rayovac’s NiMH chargers will handle the rechargeable alkalines.