Rechargeable Heated Dog Vest

Rechargeable Heated Dog Vest

Does anyone know how long a charge last? Probably different depending on size

Does Woot charge $6 now for Amazon Prime Members? It used to always be free shipping, but with this new $6 charge it’s no longer a good deal and you’re better off just buying off of Amazon direct.

The past two orders I’ve placed, I had to click/tap to confirm my shipping address before my cart reloaded without the $6 shipping.


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say the heating element is the same size for all 3 vests. Thing has a 5V battery.

According to the mothership it is USB connector for recharging.

No reviews yet that I could see.

Finally! My rechargeable heated dog has been going unclothed for too long.


You may need to re log in and it disappears-That’s what happens to me😁

I may try this thing-but too bad it doesn’t have feet attached like a body suit. My dog would use a small.

Why not just buy your dog a fur coat? Oh, wait a minute…

It was -15 the other day. At 10:30 it’s currently 23. If I need a hat (a fur coat for my head), the dog could use a vest around her core.


My dog is 16" L and 17" W - should I get small and hope it fits around him?

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Does this come with a bun warmer, too?

My dogs must be fat. Looking at the way the vest fastens I can’t tell how they’re getting the width because my pups measure 24 around the middle. 18 inches long from collar to tail.
Cocker mixes. The large would be too long and still not wide enough.

I bought a single medium instead of buying one for each. If it fits, I’ll have one cold pupsicle and one hot dog.

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  1. Why are people in the southern states buying these?

  2. Do the residents of Idaho not like their dogs?


I wanted to buy but don’t want to take the chance. Dog is small 12-13 lbs, neck 12 inches, chest 17 inches and length neck to tail is 14 inches. Small? Med? Looking at other vest size charts it would be from x small all the way to medium

A medium may not fit my dogs, but rescue groups would love these. I know they probably can’t leave dogs unsupervised in kennels with them on, but it’s so cold in our shelter on concrete floors. I foster those moppets after they leave the shelter so I don’t mind spoiling my next that fits it.

They do need chest, width, and length on these.

My pups wear large in sweaters. I went with a medium simply because the vest in the video looked huge. If that’s a large, your pup is probably a small. Probably.

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Only if you buy the special edition for Wiener Dogs :laughing:

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I ordered the small size for our 14 lb Terrier. I received it yesterday and it is too small for him. I reached out to Woot CS and asked if I could exchange it for a medium but they said there were no more available. However, they did give me a refund for the full price and mentioned donating it to an animal shelter, which I will do. A big thank you to Woot for doing this and a warning to others to not underestimate the size of your pooch. :slightly_smiling_face:


The pic below would have helped if it had been included in the original Woot listing. The size was mentioned but not how to measure. I could not find it on the manufacturer’s website, either. This is on the back of the box that you only see after your order arrives. Maybe include this if/when it comes up again on Woot. :wink:



Looks like a good find but I’m afraid my pup would be toast as she’s so small.