Rechargeable Tactical Military Flashlight

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Rechargeable Tactical Military Flashlight
Price: $14.99
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Condition: New


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how many lumens is this thing? does it have a cree led ? if so which model.

Come on, Steve, if that’s your real name; it says military right in the description. That means it’s top quality of course, designed by [generic military] top men. TOP MEN. It’s also tactical, so you can use it both as a light and a weapon. Hit the buy button, and let it happen.

Double checking with the team but Amazon says it’s 500 lumens

How big is the case?

I looks like about 6"X4"X2"?

Plastic? Depleted Uranium?

Amazon has this listed, I’m thinking it might be close. I’ll confirm.

Product Dimensions 9.5 x 5.7 x 2 inches

difference between “regular” and “tactical”? a bit of paint and about $9.

that said, i have the same model right here, it does work well and the adjustable zoom is handy. definitely use a rechargeable, it’s got an appetite. but it’s quite bright for its size.

Nope! Tactical means it has sharp bits at the end. It’s the Arya stark principle… You stick 'em with the pointy end. You could scare off hordes of rampaging thespians with this thing. You can’t get more tactical than that.

The third picture down in the listing shows 500 lumens. 1,000 lumens - $5.99 and ships free. Uses double 1 AA battery

[MOD: different flashlight]

One AA? Yeah, 1,000 lumens for about 15 seconds.

Perhaps they’re listing “emitter lumens” rather than “out the front lumens.” I have several single AA powered Cree flashlights and I’d say a more realistic value would be 400-500 lumens. Bigger numbers sell and they know it.

Not even…

Depleted uranium. It tactically doubles as an anti-tank shell.

pic clearly shows the battery as a 18650 3.7v not AA

The single AA comments are in relation to an item offsite as mentioned by “rwpiotrowski” and are not about this deal.

Oooooh, good job finding that!!!

Bought this exact one from woot through the woot app. It was the appsclusive one about a month ago. The case is Plastic. Battery holds a good charge ( I charge mine about ones a week) the battery is a 18650 3500mah 3.7V. on the package it says in whatever language it’s written in that the l e d is 5300k-6300k. The one thing I’m not sure about is how waterproof this flashlight is.

Tactical, Military, fancy…Made in China. That’s all I have to say.