Recieved wrong item. Everything about Woot's CS is broken

I just received a laptop that’s not what I ordered. Ok, I’ll try to return it.

Problem is: 1: the phone call feature does not work. I enter my number, click call, nothing happens, then about 45 seconds later it says the call ended.

Ok, I’ll email. It wants to send to a address I set up in 2014 that I no longer have access to. I’ve been signing on with prime, which I’m still able to do, but my prime password does not work for changing my woot email address which didn’t update with prime for some reason, and I’ve never once used the email on my woot account which for some reason is different than the account I use to sign in - I’m sure that makes sense to someone.

Or should I just contest the charge with my CC and let you fight with them?

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Hi there. Let me ping CS for you. It’ll be tomorrow though as it’s after business hours here.


Hey there, the CS team replied to the email you sent to us and want to help with a return for a full refund or we can contact the vendor to see if there are replacements. But if you don’t have access to that email, then you’re probably not seeing the reply. I would advise that you please email us directly at Please also include your order number/ the main issue/ and that you need to change your email address and provide that email. Once you do that, you can reply here that you contacted the CS team and we can make sure it gets looked at. Once again, we’re sorry for the inconvenience on this!


Had the same issue. My old Yahoo account is linked to my Woot account and my RMA email got lost and no way to regenerate it without CS assistance.

I am in no rush because I know Woot’s CS is top notch, but it was a little disheartening that there was no automated way to re-dispatch the email or even get the label online without my email.

I sent CS an email a little bit ago and just waiting on a response. Still got plenty of time thankfully but I hate holding onto it any longer than I have to.

I’ve been trying to update my Woot account for years, but anytime I try to change my email it gives me an error that my password is incorrect. I login through Amazon and eventually just gave up not expecting this to really affect much… lesson learned.

This post and the recent issue finally gave me the motivation to change my email. I got errors the entire step of the process from Woot’s website saying the typical “we don’t know what went wrong, email us” message but it still worked. Customer service apparently emailed me yesterday but sadly provided me with the tracking information for the delivered package and not the RMA info to send the item back. I wasn’t very clear in my email once I reread it. So I just submitted another request, hopefully this one is specific enough to solve the problem.

Wish you the best of luck!

I was able to get into the old email - apparently it had been locked (unbeknownst to me, I thought the password was just not working), but enough time passed. Got my woot password changed to something I know, so one problem solved.

CS told me they were out of stock on replacements, even though the computer I ordered is still on your site and available for order… Frankly I don’t have a lot of love or trust for Woot right now.

Sorry about that. If it’s still on the site, we’ll be able to offer a replacement. I’ll reach out to the CS team now.

Thanks for the help.

Is there any way to have them check before sending out the replacement? I have a feeling the computer I ordered was a typo in the description, as there are 3 computers on the site with word-for-word identical descriptions but different prices. I ordered the cheapest one thinking they were all the same, and I got a cheaper computer than the one described.

Actually, it’s 5 computers with identical descriptions…

Yeah… they’re looking into it right now.

Update, in case anyone is wondering:

after the initial misstep, Jack from CS did everything exactly right. Turns out there was a problem with the description of what I ordered, which they’ve corrected, and he’s getting me the right computer.

I was upset, spending nearly $700 and getting the wrong thing. I’m so used to tone-deaf corporate “customer service” that I wasn’t expecting them to actually listen to what was wrong; but Jack did, and fixed it. I must say, I’m impressed.

thank you!


Cool update. Hopefully it all works out correctly.

Okay now I am ready to bang my head against the wall. I updated my email address AFTER the first reply from customer service, and now they replied to me today saying they can’t discuss it with me because I emailed them from an email not linked to the account… since I updated my email address.

On top of that, still unable to provide me with the shipping label to return the package…

So they have the tracking, and the label has been created, yet I am not being provided with the label and can’t return the package until I get the label. I don’t know how else to explain this to Woot customer service.

Can someone please help me get the shipping label for the RMA so that I can return the item?

Hello there,

I am sorry for the confusion, however regarding the tracking of returned item, we found the below > tracking :-



The return seems processed, however there is no further movement yet, you will see further update soon.

Also, I do see that you have contacted us from an email that is not associated with the account where the order was placed.

For security reasons, we are limited in what we can do when a customer writes in to us from an email that is not on their account. To update your email, please sign in to your Woot account and go to the
dropdown at the top right where your username is and select “Your Account.” From there, go to the
“Account Settings” under your avatar or click on the “Email and Password Settings” link on the left side
of the page.

Keep in mind, you can only have one email per account, so please make necessary changes if your desired email is attached to a different account.

If you need any further assistance on this, please let us know and we look forward to hearing back from
you soon.

Happy Wooting!

Best regards,
Arpit D

They keep providing me this as if it helps my request: (That is the tracking for my return, that I can’t make because they won’t send me the label to send the item)

:sweat: :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: :sweat: :sweat:

I just want the RMA label, please?

Sorry about that! I’ll bring it up to our CS team and they’ll take care of it.

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Wow, I recently had an issue with an order and Woot’s CS was absolutely Outstanding. Seems like the larger problem is with updating the email addresses. I hope they can get they worked out and everyone can have an uneventful and smooth return process. Best of luck.

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Thank you for the nice feedback.

If you’re having an issue with an outdated email and forgotten password, email

Give them:

  • Old email address
  • New email address

Tell them that you’ve forgotten your password and don’t have access to the old email address.

That will be forwarded to the CS manager who can assist you.

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No problem. That was my 1st time receiving the wrong item I was really impressed with how CS handled it. They were on the ball and kept me updated on every action. I left feedback on the survey as well.

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