Recon Fixed Blade

Recon Fixed Blade

“Also available in SK-5 and 3V.”
Oh really, how does one order the 3V?
What is 3V? Is that the secret blend of herbs and sides that give you cancer? " WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including [name of one or more chemicals]…"

CPM-3V is what they are referring to. It’s a premium steel.
VG10 is what it appears the specs say this knife is.

The VG10 model costs more at BladeHQ but the 3V has twice the toughness as the VG10. 3V is considered a premium steel like S35VN where VG10 is considered more mid-range steel but boasts a lot better resistance to staining compare to 3V.

3V won’t break, but it might corrode.

I guess that’s been removed bc I’m not seeing the reference.