RecoveryChip 5 Year AA Chip

RecoveryChip 5 Year AA Chip

Ummmm… Is this listed in the “Toys & Games” section of Woot because kids make parents drink until they are about 5 y/o?


Heh. Not sure how it got categorized there. We don’t really have a good place for it so it’s now under Home organization.

How is it that one can even buy this? Doesn’t it have to be earned?

Group organizers could be buying it. :smiley:

Maybe. Pretty niche group to be looking here and buying, though. :wink:

As one who works in the alcohol industry, with a first cousin who’s got her 30-year chip (IIRC), it just seems pretty dubious. Far too great an opportunity for stolen valor.

I know there’s nothing either of us can do about it, but it’s just really bad form.