RecTec Camo Shirts 2-Pack

**Item: **RecTec Camo Shirts 2-Pack
Price: $14.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Does anyone have measurements or a size chart for these?

Let’s check out the product page

Add camo to your wardrobe… be cool…

Funny, Just this weekend I was thinking I could use more short sleeve mossy oak t shirts… PERFECT! How about a pair of Mossy oak bowhunting gloves?

These shirts come with: “Permanent UV Protection – The treated fabric provides excellent UV blocking with superior color-fastness. UV factor of 50+. Continues to block even after 60 home laundering cycles.”

UV will actually make you stand out more to a deer. Read paragraphs 3+ at the following:

Also, I’m not sure how the deer would take to odor control or aroma scents.

Unfortunately the vendor didn’t send us size charts.

HOWEVER, we asked our clothing expert to size up the samples we had.

He tried on the LARGE LONG SLEEVE shirt and said it was pretty much true to size on him - not oversized nor tight (athletic fit)

The only thing he noted was that they might be a bit short. Kinda like we say on shirt.woot, if you’re not into that belly-hanging look, you may want to order a size up. But under hunting overalls, the length would be fine.

Reading comprehension mega fail.

Thanks for pointing that out about the UV; perhaps you are correct. I’d have to take a UV light to it to make sure. Still not sure about the odor control treatment…that could be fine, too.

BTW, I’m sure someone appreciates your insult. Personally, I try to avoid writing anything I wouldn’t say to someone’s face. But then, online culture is usually less civil.

Did they ever have long sleeved ones for sale, or were they just teasing us? Apparently you had to be really quick to get those 5 long-sleeved ones.

we had more than five! like…a bunch more than five!

it never hurts to be quick here.


I know, I’m twelve.

Thank you for offering this kind of hunting product.

Please keep it up!

of course this come on the day after i stocked up on camo shirts.

Would you say it is more of a slim fit or wide fit?

From the info I was given, I’d say a regular fit. Not overly wide and not tight (athletic fit).

Can I still buy these?

After 24 hrs (from 12am CST to 12am CST) we offer these particular deals and then they’re gone.

You’ll have to check back often to see if the deal has returned (sometimes cheaper?) :wink:

I ordered long sleeve xxl back on the 7th and still have not gotten them! I email support and get told, take a refund or give us more time. I want what I ordered and if you didn’t have it why sell it. Something seems crooked here!