Recuerdo Argentinian Malbec & Torrontés (6)

Recuerdo Argentinian Malbec and Torrontés 6-Pack
Sold by: Blackbird Vineyards and Recuerdo Wines
$59.99 $120.00 50% off List Price
2012 Recuerdo Malbec, Mendoza, Argentina
2012 Recuerdo Torrontés , La Rioja, Argentina

In for 1. I love Malbec. My second favorite varietal next to Tannat. :slight_smile:

Cesare seems to be struggling tonight… :wink:

2012 Torrontés:

2012 Malbec:

Edit: Now with clicky.

Have never tried the torrontes, but this is some solid Malbec!

Ahhh…how much Malbec does one need on hand though?

I’m thinking 8 more bottles than I currently have. :slight_smile:

Have never tried a Torrontés though.

EDIT: Or not. No shipping to Michigan. UGH!!

Which of the three Torrontes grape varieties do we have here?

I don’t usually care for whites in general, but Torrontes is by far my favorite white grape, (though not sure which variety of Torrontes this is). I also love a g good malbec. That being said, the $60 doesn’t seem to be that great of a deal at all. The torrontes is $6/bottle here and $12/bottle for the malbec…

If the offer was for six bottles of Malbec…

Trust in W.D. I’m in for one.

Why is New Mexico not on the approved list? According to FreeTheGrapes and any news I can find, we should be in the clear. is happy to ship to me…

Thanks, Matt

Seems like the issue with purchasing continues? Nothing happens when I click on the Amazon button. I recall that TT was saying something about this yest or the day before.

Holy cats! This is the first time in my entire 8 year history of Woot, that a wine isn’t available to ship to Illinois. gobsmacked

I too cannot remember a time I was shut out in Illinois and I have been around for about exactly the same time. Hope this is not a trend.

Sorry about that. Must have been an oversight. We’re adding in


I’m going to PM you some questions to help us identify this problem.

Also try logging out and back in.

Also try disconnecting Amazon Payments and reconnecting it. Amazon did have some problems last night so I want to make sure it didn’t affect anything on our end.

To check your Private Messages, click on the envelope to the left of the Everything But Woot tab.

Even though shipping may be allowed, there can be other limiting factors such as the type of law the state enacted, sale limits, etc. At this time, New Mexico is not on our ship to list.

I might have been interested in a 50/50 split.

Yay! Thanks for fixing the state distribution list. :slight_smile: Successfully bought my wine.

Wow. That was easy. Now I just need some comments from someone who has actually tasted these wines. I do enjoy both varieties but have some less than tasty examples of both.