Red All Over

The Meeker Cab is a very good cab.

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Hey Everybody,
just wanted to check-in and mention that everyone that buys our wine deal also gets a free tasting at our tasting room in Kenwood, CA


Hey Fred…
Cab’s a CdPs have become my go to wines. Is the Meeker at it’s prime? Does it need food?

Thanks buddy. I’m hoping for some Brandi poppers soon :wink:

Mark its a VERY good Cab, in the “White Oak” class and no food required, this stands up by itself. good to see you back on the board, hope your doing well, I remember your a big Brandi fan

Seconding Fred. Good comparison on the White Oak (especially the tart cherry), but the MKR is in a class of its own. Good QPR even at $30/bottle, drinking great now and will probably cellar for 3-5 before reaching its peak.

Also as fred said a great standalone, but it’s amazing with some cured meats or a steak (oven seared with minimal seasoning is ideal

EDIT TO ADD: opened a bottle of the '08 last night that I had cellared; still took a good amount of time to open up, I’d addend my previous estimate of 3-5 years to more like 5-7…