Red & White Austrailan Mixed Case (12)

Red and White Australian Mixed 12-Pack Case
Sold by: AW Direct, LLC
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2015 Bilgola Estate Merlot, South Eastern Australia
2015 Lawson’s Ridge Riverina Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon, Riverina, Australia
2016 Yankalilla Chardonnay, South Eastern Australia

Paging Woot Staff. Paging Woot Staff. There’s a spill on aisle Title.

“Red & White Austrailan Mixed Case (12)”

Austrailan? Is that close to the land down under? :tongue:

Sorry, couldn’t resist!

Grape Debater Review: 2015 Bilgola Estate Merlot, South Eastern Australia

Once upon a Woot-night cheery, while I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many-a quant and curious post on Wine-Woot’s online store,
While I nodded, nearly napping, suddenly there came a tapping –
A FedEx dude was gently rapping, rapping at my outer door.
“Golden ticket, now it’s here. I now can sip and sip some more,
Post anon my well-thought score!"

Ripping thence the package wide, pulling out the wine inside,
Found inside merlot Bilgola, Aussie-land’s south-eastern shore.
On its nose, it smelt of cherry, possibly of other berries,
And a whiff of menthol, very slightly as I said before.
Sipping once I noted that it needed sitting out before
Trying to imbibe some more.

Once I let the magic action of the air’s sweet interaction
With grapes of yore gain traction, sipped again Bilgola as before.
Now my palate was aflame with complex fruits not near the same,
Richer, subtler, not so tame, with oaky dryness which it bore.
On this later, richer, drier, palate in its truer core
Rides thus my approving score!

When upon the next night’s drinking, poured I forth the glass, but thinking
That the ruby liquid’s shrinking back from what the gods would pour.
Now again the menthol stronger, this time changing hues no longer.
Aging this would bring this recent vintage accolades galore,
Future boon for patient cellars. “Value-buy” I’ll underscore,
Quoth the rater: “Buy some more!”

[with apologies to Mr. Poe]

Nicely done. :slight_smile:

The wife and I were fortunate enough to receive a bottle of the 2016 Yankalilla Chardonnay over a week ago. Since we had a few days before the launch we popped it into the wine fridge for a few days of r&r.

On the initial pop n pour, we get hints of floral and peach in smell and taste. It was chilled so it had a nice crispness to it as well (reminded us of a stainless steel Sauvignon Blanc).

As the glass warmed up to mid warmth it left something to be desired with the wine. It wasn’t a bad taste, just more Metallic then we prefer.

Once the glass came to room temperature the full flavors started to be revealed. On the front of the tongue you could taste the apples and pears and on the back of the tongue the vanilla pulling through from the French oak. It was very mellow but it was smooth and left you wanting more.

We would definitely purchase more of this wine, but unfortunately, we live in Ohio, and this wine can not be shipped to us. For the price of this wine, it’s a good everyday drinking wine.


Hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day. Please remember those who gave all for our freedoms.

Great job; this is one of my favorites (I have a handful of Woot “Raven” tees).

Based on his drinking history, I’m sure Poe would appreciate an ode to wine.

I received an email from Woot 2 weeks ago to say a bottle of wine to taste and review was on the way. It arrived at my office the next day, 2015 Lawson’s Ridge Riverina Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon, South Eastern, Australia, I took it home and laid it down in a rack for a few days. This wine was bottled and cellared in California so it was shipped in bulk from Australia. It’s been on Woot by itself a few times in the past, most recently in July 2016.

On pnp there was surprisingly little aroma, a bit of cherry and mild heat, a bit of oak. I tried a small glass right away, a dark red color, clear and no sediment, kind of muted taste with a little cherry and oak. I left the bottle open and a few hours later I had another 2 glasses with some food, the flavors came out a bit more and there’s enough acid to make it good with an odd mix of leftovers, I was going out of town at the end of the week and wanted to empty the fridge.

The next day the flavors had evolved and heat dissipated a bit, still could taste a little oak and acid was still there too. I don’t buy Australian wine to cellar but do drink an occasional glass at a local restaurant that has a red blend, also from Southeast Australia, this wine compared favorably with that one. Not as complex as more expensive wines but a good daily drinker and food wine for the price.

Thanks Woot for the opportunity to try and enjoy a bottle I wouldn’t usually buy but wouldn’t be afraid to try again if I saw it offered at a restaurant.

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