Red Fuel Power 8000mAh Jump Starter

Walmart has 4.4 Stars

…and sells it for $10 more than here-(including shipping). You will get it quicker and have no hassles if need to return. Too bad, but learned the hard way that unless there is a significant price difference, not going to bite, given the potential after purchase issues.

Consider that $10 “insurance” but I get you. It’s sometimes a deal breaker for me.

Interesting how these things show up on the market as pretty much the same device, different brands, with small differences in features. I wonder if it’s some kind of competition thing between different Chinese factories. The one I have came from Woot last September:

It was $60, which is a lot more than $35, BUT mine is 12A, 150% of this one which is 8A. That’s a big difference. And mine came with another accessory cord with 8 adapters for various laptops, and it will produce enough current to run a big 17.3" inch screen i7 laptop for more than two hours. So, I say thumbs up to these gadgets overall, and this one is lighter duty than mine but it’s also a lot cheaper.

For those of you with the knowledge and skillz, there are a few instructional videos or sites on how to build these on your own. It might not be as small or as pretty looking - but at least this way you know how it was made, WHO made it, and what quality of parts went into it…

Having been left stranded this past weekend, I’m seriously tempted – and a little confused: please, anybody, will this thing actually jump-start an SUV battery? And any ideas on how to keep it charged enough for that capacity? Thanks in advance!

depends on how dead your battery is… Looks like this has 400 cranking amps, you can check your battery and see what the Cranking Amps it is providing…

Thanks! will go hunt the car manual right now… (Edit to add - ok, BIGTIME thanks being sent out to you, tvosselm… that was a crucial bit of info, and I’m deeply grateful!)

Per the vendor: It will jump a V-6 suv, but not a V-8

Realistically these are for motor cycles or small engine cars

Interesting indeed…

I have a very bad habit of leaving the lights on my bike on, and this looks like a lifesaver.

It says it will jump a 4 or 6 cylinder car or motorcycle… So if you have a V8 it will not work.

That’s not necessarily true. It may work on a small v8 if the battery isn’t completely dead

Sorry to say, my sister bought one from another source, charged it up and put it in her car. Only 30 days later it wouldn’t even jump a 4-cylinder Honda CRV.