Red Fuel Power 8000mAh Jump Starter

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Red Fuel Power 8000mAh Jump Starter
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This little thing is awesome!!! Bought one from wal mart for $40 and jumped my dead car multiple times during the week until I get a chance to buy a new battery. This thing works awesome, can’t say good enough things unfortunately there’s no discount on it. Maybe couple of bucks

I bought one last time they were on Woot. The first time I tried to use it on my truck with a nearly dead battery, it did nothing. Didn’t even make a difference.

Useless useless useless
Did nothing to start my battery, wound up having to reinstate AAA and pay for charge! 99$$$. This baby’s going back

great product. got it also at wallie wold. jumped a truck 5 times on a full charge and only went to 85%

AGREED on price point. not quite low enough to buy another one. would cost about the same sans waiting for delivery…


It cannot possibly be 8000 mAh.

29.6 Watt/Hours divided by 11.1 volts gives only 2667 mAh

I don’t know why these Chinese companies pull this stuff over on us. They add the capacity of the 3 cells together when that’s not how amp-hour capacity works. 3 cells in series gives you higher voltage (3 X 3.7 = 11.1 volts) but at the same capacity (2667 mAh - NOT 8000 mAh)

Bob - Electronics Engineer

I drive a Chevy Volt and the only thing the 12 volt battery does is provide power to boot up the main computer system (only takes an Amp or two) but, if it’s dead, the car is a giant brick, no matter how much energy you’ve got in the main battery. I figure this thing will boot me up several times if the 12 volt dies.

Schumacher =/= “Chinese Company.”

I bought this the last time it came up on Woot and I love it. I have a bad habit of leaving the lights on on my motorcycle, and it’s saved me a few times now.

I bought one last time it was on Woot and have used it to jumpstart my dead mustang, and a garden tractor, and it still shows 100%. Aside from being scared to keep a lithium battery in my trunk, I love it!

LiIon battery: 3.7 Volts
29.6 W/3.7V = 8A = 8,000 ma

Thanks Bob. Glad to know these things. Keep on pushing back on the
alternative fact mentality.

Classic. But I think Bob, you and the China need to decide if we are using Californa math, Chicago math or something in between. But besides all the numbers, I keep something like this in each kids car and every spring and fall, we go over checking fluids and how to boost your battery (even though I’m the fluid fairy and I check the fluids all the time LOL) But I did use one to boost my kids Jeep 3 times in a row w/o having to charge it. They do work regardless what math formula we use. But thanks guys for pointing it out.

I used it to jump a 2001 Toyota Sienna. Worked no problem.

So it works for some people and not for others. Must be a mixed batch with a high failure rate. I really wanted it to work, as it would save me a lot of trouble. I guess I should exchange it.

Edited to add: Man… I should read other replies before adding my input… But this should work to confirm those who chimed in before me…

The 8000 rating is not based on the 11.1 volts you calculated. Instead, it is based on the unit providing 3.7 volts to charge a phone battery…

So… 29.6 Wh Divided By 3.7 Volts = 8 Ah = 8000 mAh

You can buy a fireproof bag to store that bettery in while transporting…

I also know a lot of people who use those thick gauge ammo boxes for this same purpose…

This exact item is currently listed on the Walmart site for $49.87.

I ordered one a few months ago, and it saved my bacon when I was having battery problems. Worth keeping around.