Red Ledge Unisex Dryden Jacket

Has anyone had any experience with these?

Will they hold up and keep you dry in a HEAVY downpour and keep you dry all day?

Red Ledge website $120:!701/cvv2

Now with Goretex’s tech running amok, lots of gortex knock off’s out there. Woot is offering some GREAT prices on these garments, I would buy a set just to have stowed under the car seat for emergencies at best. I’ve always been a fan of gortex and in the Eddie Bauer over priced First Ascent rain gear I’ve owned, Stearn’s and even Marmot, I always find myself grabbing my military gortex parka. I just bought a new jacket off ebay for 73.00. Wife “accidently” washed it in HOT water which pretty much kills gortex (throwing it in the hot dryer didn’t help) but in her defense, I had it in with the rest of my camping clothes so she didn’t now it needed special care. But anyway, looking a compare chart, T-Core LX didn’t do well in just about all areas of keeping you dry. Just a thought but looks like nice, ball game kinda stuff… and cheap.

Could you tell me where did you see the compare chart? thanks.