Red Line Piston Chronograph Watches

Is this self-winding?

Heck no! Check the specs. It has a quartz movement. (That means battery operated…)

Red Line == Invicta

Can’t get pass the feel that Invicta belongs on the wrist of posers.

Invicta produces quite a few decent watches. Invicta also produces a lot of junk costume jewelry watches.

How good is this thing for telling time in the dark?

Just read reviews from around the web. There are some mixed but mostly positive. It seems like a perfect watch for people like me who just need it for daily use and to look good. If you are looking for a high-end, indestructable watch with endless capabilites; turn away. $70 is a small price to pay to look that good…I’m in for one of the display models.

$80 Buy It Now on Ebay. Woot seems to have the best deal around

This seller also has some more info on the watch.

See the product info on this Ebay page. It reads “Red, black and luminous hour and minute. Red and black second. Luminous subdial” so just your basic glow hands is what I pulled out of that fancy jargon.

I’m such a watch whore.

I had to get one, even though I already have quite a few Eco-Drive watches that are along the lines of this one. That first one just looks so sleek.

Made by Swiss Legend not Invicta

I purchased a red line watch approx 1 year ago and its still running strong. No issues at all other than cosmetic caused by me banging it around. Time and date functions perfectly. Quartz has no scratches whatsoever after a year. Band is strong and has never popped off. Please be aware that they are beefy watches and weight quite a bit. I have a black one and I am so tempted to get this one also! I have gotten tons of compliments

How big is this watch? I’m not looking for sun dial size watch to strap to my wrist like many of the wartches Invicta seems to sell.

Um. Per specs, 44 mm. That’s just under 1-3/4" to me and you. So yeah, big.

“The founders believe the signature red crown on every Red Line watch should serve as a constant reminder that in life risks are worth taking; that it is ok to go beyond your limits and to Never Look Back.”

What a bunch of marketing BS.

Don’t forget that CA residents now need to pay tax. With the tax, it’s $80, equivalent to eBay…

If you wait enough this model watch usually goes on sale for about 55 bucks once or twice a year…

I have a bit of a watch collection and have a few red lines. The bands are quality and movement is ok. You have to be careful with the crystal though they tend to scratch easier then others.

I have a similar Red Line Watch…it has the black metal band.

I have had it for close to a year and wear it quite a bit as it is my dress watch when I ride my motorcycle in to work.

It still looks new despite having to wipe off the bug goo from time to time. It has been pretty much set-it and forget-it and is nice just grabbing and going when in the morning rush.

Looking at, they have them listed for ~$180*&ps=96

What are all the smaller faces on the watch for? o: