Red Potion

“From the makes of Green Potion” does not persuade me to buy this Red Potion. Green Potion was a total waste of money.

I know it’s a Legend of Zelda reference but it really makes me want to watch Drawn Together.

Where’s the “refill bank account” potion?

Note that it’s from the makers of the green potion. That’s good.

The yellow potion, on the other hand … you don’t want to ask.

Once, I took an arrow to the knee.

Then I drank the Red Potion.

Complete with enticing Sparkle effect.

Once you were a red potion… but then you took a red potion to the red potion.


Ok I’ll bite…what’s the green potion do?

I have to say that I had high hopes for this Derby, and have been sadly disappointed.

Too many words -_-

Got a laugh looking at it though!

This makes me sad. There were so many other shirts I would have bought. But the two so far were not them. Breaks my heart cause I had high hopes for this weekend.


Darn you Woot for crushing my shirt owning dreams. :frowning:

I heard that in order to upgrade your Red Potion, you got to go on a quest to find a suitable ingredient…

Red potion? Bah! You’re better off catching faries.

I thought Red Potion was from the makers of Blue Potion? Or am I just showing my age here? Has it been Green Potion lately?

I’ve been staying up hoping for an Oddrock print…

fingers crossed for tomorrow

No offense to this artist though.

Can this be used in place of Love Potion No. 9 ?

Can’t even tell you how excited I am that this shirt won! Woo-hoo-hoo!!!

I was thinking the same thing…

Too ‘I dream of Jeannie’ for me. Ill see what got 3rd place tomorrow. Let me use my Jumbowoot coupon on a good shirt!