Red Riding Crap

Sold out again, oh well.


Missed it again.


What the heck? I got you shall not cheat the woot off AGAIN when my cart was empty and cleared of all previous woots? This is getting ridiculous.

Get your bugs fixed, Woot. PLEASE!

“This item is not for sale currently. Thou shalt not cheat the Woot-Off.”


Yisss! Finally! I kept leaving my computer and coming back right after the BOC was available. No more.

Had to login again and gone out of the cart cause I was too slow.

Looks like I was too fast. Got a message that the item is not yet for sale, thou shalt not cheat woot. Once I refreshed again, it told me it was sold out. Now, to hit between those 2 marks…

Has anyone actually been able to buy a bag of crap? Always seems to be sold out half a second after it’s posted, has anyone actually gotten one? What did you get in it?

I’ve been trying all day! Patience finally paid off… not only did i score a BOC but I was the first sucker!

That’s the first time I’ve been the first sucker ever!

In Cart and G O N E!

diarrhea speed

You get broken pens, beer coozies and shiet.

Finally! I will like to give a shout out to easy auto refresh for alerting me of a dwindling desktop. Safari for not being so bloated when it comes to refeshing the community page like the other 3 times my crap was denied while using Chrome and lastly keyboard refresh.

Does this mean I’m done playing or can I win more crap?

Woohoo! I was the last wooter!

I beleive you can play until you crap out.

One bag per person per week…

Guess I will study now.

I got a nice 14-hour humidifier last time. Probably my best ever score in a BOC.

For those looking to procure your first crap, there have been helpful pointers given by Wooters in craps of days past. This post may repeat some of the ideas previously stated. Although should you manage to get an elusive crap, you will likely be disappointed if you expect anything other than crap, here are some helpful hints I’ve used to snag a couple this year.

  1. Refresh the community page rather than the main page. This one seems to load the next item a little faster than the main page; so you have a bit of a headstart. This is why sometimes you see the crap sold out on the main page before it ever had an option to buy.
  2. Do a forced login of some sort when the current item is in the last few percent remaining. This can be signing out and signing back in or possibly checking your account or stuff you bought. This generally eliminates the extra step of entering your password in on the payment screen.
  3. Try a fast loading browser like chrome or firefox.
  4. Be patient.
  5. Get lucky. You can do all of this and still not land a bag. But persistence pays off. Or rather, persistence gets you crap, which is not generally worth the time or money spent on trying to obtain it. But we keep trying anyway.