Red Skies

Day one of

It’s going to get expensive here. =^.^=

Nice feel good design. Plus…cat!

Writing on the shirt reads Upper translates feline ネコ red 赤. Lower transtates day 日 of の red 赤. From Goggle Translate.

Red cat
Red day

This is so cute, why does it have to be white? ;w; I dun like white shirts, I think an off-white would look just as nice!

Creme is no longer a color option.

Just wash the shirt with darks; it’ll be off-white.

So much fun. So much spirit.

Couldn’t agree more.

A darker cream color would have been ideal. Too bad, I really like the design.

Great design. I’d buy one if the shirt were black.

Am hoping one of you folks can help me, as I’m not getting a response from Woot customer service.

Have recd. several e-mails touting “20% Off All Catalog Tees” through Sunday 6/26. Yet no discount shows up in my cart, nor can I find any coupon code anywhere to apply. Had several catalog tees in my cart (which are now gone, so I’ll have to wade through the catalog again - grrrrr).

Any ideas? Thanks!

Could also be Red Sun.

I’m not sure what the artist was going for, which is why I couldn’t vote for it.

I believe that all the items that are 20% off this weekend are already marked 20% off (example, on the shirt page an AA shirt is not normally $11.20, it’s normally $14.00), meaning no code is needed, just put them in your cart, buy, and save.

Of course that cat’s favorite condiment isn’t catsup. It is relish, because he’s relishing life! Makes me want to join in! :slight_smile:

Congratulations on your derby win Patrick. I hope you relish it! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

This is definitely your day, Narfcake! Or rather… your weekend! lol

Just curious… how many cats do you own. (Or is it how many cats own you?) :slight_smile:

Thanks! I actually did just receive a response from Woot Customer Service, & was told that the e-mail I recd. was incorrect, & that only journals, clocks, & canvasas are 20% off - not tee shirts. Oddly enough, even the page displaying today’s shirt loudly pronounces all tees as being 20% off. One would think Woot would either remove this or honor it. But so be it.

How To Dye Textiles With Coffee & Tea

Zero. Cats are cute adorable terrorizers, but my (still broken) heart is with the upgraded version.

(I will adopt again when the time comes …)

CS has no idea – which is nothing new.

The regular catalog prices are $11 for Standard, $14 for American Apparel. They ARE discounted already.

I don’t buy white shirts either. Too bad there’s no more cream, creme, ivory, off-white, etc.