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Just got one of these, it’s built very well and super comfortable. I can just lay on it for hours!

You’re posting to a discussion page for a bunch of items. It really helps us if you say which item you are talking about…

While you are technically correct haydesigner, I think the vast majority of the woot population is capable of figuring out which item the poster is referencing in this case…

Sorry, that umbrella is so comfortable.

Any ETA on when the correct color ones will ship?

Hey there, I’m not aware of any incorrect color issues, what’s up? Have you already emailed into

Yes and the people that respond are clueless. I received the following email:

Dear scottybox,

Woot here with some bad news: we’re unable to fulfill order number 48234903 for you and the vendor is sending you a green chair ASAP. We’ll be sending you the beige one you ordered (at no additional cost) at the end of April We are sorry we were unable to get you the item that you ordered on time, so we’ve credited your account with a $20 coupon code as a small way of saying sorry.

I received the two green chairs and am wondering when I’ll get the two beige ones that I ordered.


I’m definitely sorry about that, I’m not aware of any problems with shipping the rest out later this month- if you respond to that email, no doubt they’ll be able to clarify on exactly when we’ll be able to send that out.

I did and here’s what I received. Is Woot now using Amazon’s overseas “service” people?

Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your concerns as well as your business.
According to the most recent tracking information, you should have received these items on 4/3/14. Thanks!
Woot Member Services,

Blarrrrgh, I’m so sorry, let me check in with them so we can get a better answer to you. Again, so sorry this has been a hassle.

Great, thanks!

Are you “Kent” that just replied to me with this:

Sorry for the confusion. The vendor no longer have the Beige color available, and sent 2 Green Zero Green Gravity Lounger instead.

I apologize for the inconvenience and have refunded $10 for the color mix up, please allow a few days for it to post.

Woot Member Services,

So you originally told me that the items I ordered would be sent at the end of the month at no additional cost and now you’re going back on your word and instead offering me ten bucks? That’s absurd. I ordered two beige chairs, you sent me two green ones. I don’t want green chairs nor $10. How can you fix this mess that Woot has created? Why was I lied to?

I’m sorry, no, that wasn’t me- I’m checking back in with CS again, I’m thoroughly confused as well. I’m really sorry this has been such a huge cluster for you. We’ll get this straightened out.

Thank you.

Ok, this is what they’re saying:

The $20 coupon (and apology) was initially sent to you because we thought that we would only send you one green one (and then a beige one later), knowing now that the vendor sent you two green ones, we refunded an additional $10 on your order.

I think our vendor just has no beige ones to ship at all. If you want to ship the green ones back or ask anything else, is your best bet, I think they should all be aware of the status of your case.

I specifically asked if I will receive two green ones now and then two beige ones later and was told yes. I replied saying there’s no need to apologize if you’re sending me four for the price of two (!) and that was confirmed again.

I no longer have the packaging since I was told that I would keep the green ones and receive the correct ones later. It sounds like I’ve gotten as far as I can get with Woot (nowhere) so I’ll ask Amex to reverse the charge so I can get my money back.