Red Summer Skies

I hate red t-shirts. Every time I wear one, I am chased by bulls.

Nice use of negative space for the background

I can attest that this is what the skies in Utah look like all the time.

The little dog peeking over the edge of the basket is so cute.

Wow, what a great shirt.

Ignoring the design, this is absolutely my favorite Woot Shirt color, and it’s rarely used.

May pick it up just to have a second cranberry shirt in the drawer.

Oh, yeah, and that design is absolutely fantastic.

That kid better hope against a sudden strong updraft…or else it’s bye bye eyebrows =P

I can clearly see that the dragon is a hot head!

Nice art, but i dont think its nice as a shirt

whimsical + charming; I always like when the dragons aren’t the villains of the piece.

I really love the way this shirt uses the area to emphasize the small design. It’s so small, I can’t even tell if that kid is Chinese!

I like the writer’s nod to Falkor. That is a luckdragon helping the little boy along, right?

Seconded =)

Definitely. Especially with that crazy weather today.

You have to be careful where you post your pictures of your dragon.

What happens if the dragon gets distracted and chases a bird? :frowning:

Patrickspens, once again, you represent Utah very well.

As soon as I saw creativehack’s comment about negative space, I thought of how often I feel like I’ve heard that compliment. How can it mean anything if it’s used all the time? But then, through extensive research, I’ve only found one such post in the past few weeks, from Ro-boss. Clearly, this shows how biased I am.

I guess the balloon will lose height until the dragon returns. It’s not as if it would fall out of the sky at once.

In reference to the write up, can I just say that The Neverending Story still scares the crap out of me?