Red Swingline Stapler Necklace

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Red Swingline Stapler Necklace
$4.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Office Space anyone?

just what I was waiting for, all these hours awake just for this one woot!!!

Never again fret about threatening arson: Your stapler is around your neck!

This is how Willy Wonka’s factory stayed together


almost want one for SAG, but i’d kick myself for spending the money.

Well - a scotch tape necklace would fit this time of year better!!

Really? A stapler on a necklace? You’re probably lucky if this baby can staple 3 pieces of paper together! LoL

This should have been in kids woot

Keep those things of highest value, closest to your heart.

I can see guys at bars and pick-up lines now.

Your tits hanging…That the Sag you need that for?