Red, White, and BB-Blue

Three cheers for the red, white, and BB-Blue. Thanks for printing my designs this week, woot!

Sold out already? jesus…I tried ordering this a few hours ago and wouldn’t even let me.

Here you go!

Just received my order and it’s a complete waste of time. Ordered adult sizes and the t-shirts came out looking like they’re for children. No one will be able to wear these at all. Extremely dissatisfied with order.

On every shirt page, default under features is this -

If the shirts you received are sized differently than what you ordered, that is a valid complaint. If they are sized as stated, then it’s not Woot’s fault, as they delivered as advertised.

Everybody’s body is different – and every brand is different, especially with the last two decades of vanity sizing. An AA size ML is comfortable loose on me, yet I’ve ran across other brands’ XL that are tighter and smalls which were way looser.

Which is what I did. I went a size up for each one I ordered and they still came out tiny as if a child is going to wear them, not adults.

This was my first time ordering from this website and all I can say is I’m not impressed and will be waiting to hear back from the email I sent them about a refund.

So you looked at the sizing chart and your shirts are sized smaller than what’s listed?

(FWIW, I rant here just as well, so don’t think I’m against you. I’m just trying to get clarification on where the real issue was.)

Yes, I looked at the size chart before I placed my order. I went up a size on each one, just to make sure they were loose/roomy but what I got looked like kid/teen shirts, not adults. I’ve since contacted CS and heard back from them about my order. I’m just disappointed that these shirts didn’t work for us, they were super cute. I even tried to reorder them but they were sold out.