Red, White and Blue 4 U


less than 5 inches high. I guess we could plant grass in them…

So the Shelf is only the 36" shelf. Not any of the others pictured?

Yes, we are selling the 36" shelf only. We’re adding a caption to the photo to lessen the confusion.

Am interested in some of the pillows for outdoors seating (covered porch) yet don’t see any suitable for outdoors use. Could you please verify if any offered here are such? Thanks!

We note when items are suitable for outdoors.

Keep an eye on our Tools & Garden site for outdoor pillows.

There’s a link in my signature to a list of All Plus Sales. It’s updated weekdays by around 9:30am CT.

I wondered if all the pillows are just one piece, or if they have removable and washable slipcovers? Thanks!

Is the shelf paintable?

Just heard back from our vendor- they can indeed be removed!