Red Zeppelin Mixed - 4 Pack

Red Zeppelin Mixed - 4 Pack
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2 2005 Red Zeppelin Syrah, Bear Valley Vineyard
2 NV (2005/6) Red Zeppelin “Vinidiction” Monterey & SLO Counties
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Softball questions only, please - I’ve had a wild harvest and have been partying like the untalented rock star that I am - and these wines have been offered before so you might know if you like them or not. All I know is, I can’t drink it all myself.

This is about half the price you’d pay at the tasting room - though the tasting room has a dancing cage . . .

Tell us about the oak please.

i like sweet wine almost like welches grape juice, is this a sweet wine ? what is the alcohol content ?

I’ve had both of these (early 2010) and can recommend them. Both are big and fruit forward. The Syrah is the more fruit driven of the two and would be considered jammy by at least me. The CT reviews should give you a good feel for what to expect from these.

this looks perfect for me. holiday gift to myself!

The Syrah is 40% second year Seguin Moreau American heavy Shiraz toast (special request) and the rest was 4-6 year old neutral, nevertheless there’s quite a bit of cedar in it along with the vanilla. It’s not ‘obviously’ oaky to my palate, but based on the comments of Aussie winemakers visiting or working in Paso, it’s rather Aussie in style. I joke that it’s like a $50 down under Grenache.
The Vinidiction is 20% new French (Radoux MT) toast on the Cab, and the rest neutral except for some of the Syrah (NV) blended in as above. Prettier but not as tannic.


My wines are not sweet - the New York winery that makes a (trademark violation, ahem) Zeppelin makes a sweet red from not-wine grapes. I don’t know the alcohol on it - probably low - mine are in the low 14%s.

Stillman, I had both the 05 & 09 black zep. and was curious about what happened to 06-08?

06 and 07 became ‘Stillman’ wines and 08 was a vineyard fail :frowning: Black Zeppelin is more of an uber-brand than a specific wine; it indicates a ‘bigger and darker’ wine than Red Zeppelin (or Pink or White Zeppelin of course).

with these being 05 , 05/06 , How long will these be good for? what is the drinking window on these?

Good question - the 05 Syrah hasn’t changed much in the last 2-3 years and holds up very well after opening - the Vinidiction is softer and silkier than it was last year. They’re both in Alvis screwcap so there’s no question of cork leakage. Overall, I would say that my last decade of red wines have been quite long lived for moderate tannin, non Cabernet wines, and the closures have contributed. That said - (sorry, windy winemaker here) if I only had two bottles of each wine I would open one each this year, the Vinidiction next year, and the Syrah in the indefinite future.

last time wine.woot had the zeppleins I bought them.
and then an inconsiderate middle-of-a-bad-divorce houseguest drank them.
he actually drank 14 bottles of wine in 4 days (if i recall correctly) -
I am very tempted, but never had a chance to taste last time.
Someone convince me… I am bitter still

He didn’t even review them? Wow. This kind of thing has happened to me, but of course I had more wine.
The wines aren’t bitter!

Don’t worry, Stillman makes good juice! Buy it, you will like it.

Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz. Just what you’re looking for. Chilled like a white and drinks like grape juice

No hesitation. In for 3 and wish I could buy more!