Red Zeppelin Tempranillo-Tannat-Syrah (2)

Red Zeppelin Tempranillo-Tannat-Syrah 2-Pack
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2013 Red Zeppelin Tempranillo-Tannat-Syrah Blend, Adelaida District, Paso Robles
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And, let the trolling begin!

Single vineyard, westside Paso. Percentages are approximate, but not too far off. The Tempranillo hill is almost too steep to walk up. Drinking window depends on cellar temperature. No, I will not be here all night, but I can read Sherman’s Memoirs on Kindle and check back every few minutes.
Great book, but the Civil War hasn’t started yet.

I’m in for one.

So is this a drink now wine? Or should we let it knit together for another few years?

It’s a ‘drink one bottle when you get it and then hold the other based on your patience, judgement and cellar temperature’ wine. Or give me a call or email after the first bottle.

I’m sleeping on this one, but have to add an off topic question -
Will we be seeing any Chateau Abalone any time soon?

Low on White in Southern CA.

Sadly, that is unlikely. You could drive north :slight_smile:

How’s this harvest starting to look?

It’s been surprisingly cool - we didn’t get the rain (or the shakes) they got up north, but there have been few hot days. That said, it really IS early - likely to pick the first reds this weekend! (this is westside Paso, Adelaida/Willow Creek area.)

Zut Alors!!

On his way to torment poor Dorothy and Toto (and probably shaken up by the Napa earthquake), a flying monkey accidentally dropped a package by me. Luckily it didn’t break like some hearts in Napa recently. And I let it rest for a few days, in case it had some bottle shock when dropped from that height.

Surprise, surprise, it was a bottle of Swilly’s latest swill, aka Red Zeppelin Tempranillo-Tannat-Syrah blend. Looking forward to the backbone that Tannat and Syrah will put into it.

On popping, it had nice red fruit aromas (cherry, plum) along with hints of tomato, tobacco, & leather. I had chilled it, and let it bottle rest (opened bottle, sniffed, and re-corked it for an hour).

Nice deep red color, and swirls nicely. Drinking nicely after 1 hr (technically 1st hour alone in the bottle, then poured after that) for the first glass, and even better after the 2nd hour (for the 2nd glass)!

Smooth, and not as many tannins as one might expect from the Tannat & Syrah blended in. Not the big mouth-pucker tannins, but more smooth.

Nothing like swirling it too much (such that a nice 1 inch blob of red wine is on my shirt now). Mourning more for the wine than the shirt. Wonder if sucking on it would work? :wink:

More tomorrow, since I left half in the bottle for then. It’ll be early, since I have a 5:30 engagement.

In for 2 sets!!! (So much for holding off on buying!)

Darn you WineDavid for putting Stillman up again! :tongue:

It had to be said:

Always seems to do the trick for me.

Damn me for checking WineWoot tonoot. Ah, but this gives me the perfect excuse to uncork the 2012 Colossus I’ve been alternately longing to drink and hoarding.

Thank you Stillman.

You’re welcome!
Wait . . . you’re opening it NOW?
Are you in Cayucos?

No Sir. Oh but how I wish I was. Was there first week in August when I unsuccessfully fought the new bus stop they are placing in front of my house. sigh. I could have used the Colossus then. But I had bought two, which you kindly delivered, waited a bit and drank one, but have been saving the other, that first was such an - oenorgasmic experience. I only resisted this long by hiding it away.
Hoping to be back before Thanksgiving, my next “reserved” date.

In general, Tempranillos preserve very well, meaning they won’t be hurt by waiting, but they also don’t blossom and metamorphose the way some other big reds would. Lots of flexibility here. :slight_smile:

Last week, a bottle of Swillman’s wine with a dirigible on the label showed up at my house. Clearly, somebody had to take one for the team and try it, so I did so.

– nose – cranberry pie filling (extraction and red fruit acidity/sharpness), rhubarb, a hint of mint or something herbal - wintergreen?
– grip, and acid. a bit of heat.
– good fruit extraction, cranberry and rhubarb joined by some tart-ish cherry pie filling but balanced by the grip and acidity. Mouthwatering and juicy. The fruit recedes just before it becomes overwhelming; it’s a bit of a headfake, seeming like it’s going to go over the top but the flavor wave breaks first. That, combined with the grip, might be why I’m getting so much cranberry – it has the same sort of zing and transition as even sweetened cranberry juice does.
– tannins are there, but soft, well-integrated. Not over-oaked.
– long finish (25-30 seconds, mostly in the front of the mouth)

In sum, it’s some pretty tasty swill. Not a lot of wines like it out there, and definitely worth buying. Enough fruit to drink on its own, and enough structure to pair with food – I’m thinking a roasted pork dish, or something covered in bacon.

So what I’m getting, is this is basically a more expensive version of Mogan David Concord.

Thanks! Sorry about the lack of Petite Sirah.

I think you’re looking for the New York State ‘Fulkerson’s Zeppelin’ from the Finger Lakes. And it’s Mogen.
Don’t let the Irish and Italian kids steal your lunch money.