Red Zeppelin Tempranillo-Tannat-Syrah (2)

Yes, only the exact opposite of what you said :slight_smile:

I love jumping in and just making a complete off the wall comment about something I know nothing about. I just like to see who’s paying attention and if anyone actually takes it seriously. The only Zeppelin I know anything about is Led Zeppelin.

One thing to remember is the Mogan David is available in the economy size with a very practical twist on cap, instead of those damn annoying corks!

And what would a nice Jewish boy know about those things? :wink:
Seriously, though, nice to hear from you. It’s been a while.

“The only Zeppelin I know anything about is Led Zeppelin.”
What about the Hindenburg?

We’ll let it slide this time. Once. :wink:

Mogen … it’s even in the picture.

And I bet you still use a corkscrew to open it, don’t you? :wink:


Mogan, Trollfecta’s twin, is waiting for the “Game of Thrones” wines to be released.
Seriously, it’s going to happen: it’s Aussie plonk at $20/bottle.

what he said!

Only if I’m trying to impress. Sometimes I like to aerate the wine properly, so basically I puncture the twist cap with the cork screw and shake the bottle vigorously so that I can properly aerate each precious drop. It will make a $5.99 bottle of Mogen David taste just like a bottle of Château La Mondotte Saint Emilion 1996- you should try it sometime.

The Meth Leppard Mourvedre will not be available on WW.

C’mon man, break out the good stuff!

I’ve had that wine. It’s a California wine with a fast metallic taste, best enjoyed with explicit lyrics.

I need to bottle it.

Thanks – it’s nice to be missed. Just a few little things going on in real life in the meantime – work has been very busy, and things at home leave me without much free time too.

Bacon: it’s sacre-licious.

Come to the Chicago Wine & Appetizer party on September 12th and I promise to open up any PS I have on hand.

The cake is a lie!!! :wink:

Which wineries do you consult for?

If this was a 3-pack for about $20-25 a bottle I might have considered but ouch on this one. Also, to the tasters. Did you detect any heat? 15.7% is pretty high.


Sorry for the delay in the 2nd Day Report. Those darn flying monkeys!!

No, didn’t really notice any heat due to the high alcohol. I have noticed it on other, “lower” alcohol wines.

2nd day, it’s still very nice. Still bright red fruit on nose & palate.

So happy I went in on 2 sets, but almost wishing I’d gone for 3 … but alas, there’s no room. Must make room by drinking wine this weekend!

Info post:
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Thanks and back to the wineing.