Red Zeppelin Winery Black Zeppelin - 2 Pack

Red Zeppelin Winery Black Zeppelin - 2 Pack
$44.99 + $5 shipping
PRODUCT: 2 Red Zeppelin Winery, 2009 Black Zeppelin, Monterey
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Looks like with Wine.Woot revenue disruption engines are up and firing again today!

Yes! I can finally see wine.woot again.


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wrt can’t access site…yellow and red are bad, mkay?

traffic signals

Ladies and gent. For those who already tried this share your taste notes…
Thanks in advance

Cellartracker not so hot on this. They loved the 2005, but this one appears to be too young at this time.

Check out the thread from the previous offer.

It is a bit young. Be patient and be prepared to be rewarded.

From the vintner hissef, Stillman Brown:

The retail is $42/bottle, so this is a two-fer pricing deal, pretty much.

And if this doesn’t cause you to pull the trigger, well, that just means there is more for the rest of us.

In for 2.

Wow, thanks woot. I was actually going to purchase that book since in NJ its not legal to have wine shipped to me yet. And now that the site is working correctly again its gone. You are a smelly poopy face.

Yea this stuff is plonk don’t buy it! I will buy 6 bottles and get my friend to buy 6 bottles to move this thing along.

Check out his youtube channel:

It’s young but if you air it for a few hours it tones down…darkly beautiful, tasty example of PS…had to buy one more of these since it came back:) sorry I don’t yave better notes but I do remember my family and I enjoyed it a great deal over the Holidays. We all prefer bigger bodied red wines (not necessarily fruit bombs) with well structured tannins and this certainly fit the bill!

Anyone know how to get to the deal from yesterday? The URL used to be but it appears to have changed. Thanks.

This was my one sure purchase for this woot-off!
In for 1.

Monday deals no longer go all week - when there’s no woot-off, wine.woot is 1 deal a day Mon-Thurs, and a weekend deal Fri-Sun. You missed yesterday’s, sorry!

Yay! I was hoping this would come up today. I just couldn’t afford it last time it was up (right before Christmas), but things have settled down now and I am ready to try this!!

We loved the previous BZ from the mixed 3 pack.

Bummer! Thanks for the info.

In for 1 despite some hesitation due to the not so favorable comments and reviews. I like PS; besides if this misses I can always hedge my loss with a few bottles of trusted McManis PS.