Red Zeppelin Winery Black Zeppelin - 2 Pack

Still have my bottle of Black from the last offer. Anyone try this yet?

Same price as the last woot-off, of which one bottle is still patiently sitting behind me here at work. Work? I mean home. I’d never shop online on the man’s dime.

I am still curious to know what NY winery used the red zeppelin name if it wasn’t Fulkerson.

I had a bad house guest go on a bender and drink all of mine, and I never got the chance.
So I am tempted …
However, the last couple weeks have me pretty well stocked anyway.

So I’m curious, but seems like I would have to lay down the bottles for a couple of years if I were to acquire it, according to Cellar Tracker. So has anyone tried it and would it be a worthy investment? :slight_smile:

The WW acclaim for this stuff was huge - but the tasting notes [at CT] since then have been mediocre at best. I’m hoping that time in the bottle will help… I haven’t actually opened one myself.

I enjoyed my last two bottles in for 4 more. Will try to lay some down for development

Discussion on Dec 10 offer

Mine are still in a box nearby. I am very tempted to open one before I go to work. Hmmm, do you think it will go well with a breakfast casserole?

It’s a 2009 Petite Sirah. IIRC, it’s not supposed to be drinkable for several years. Unless you were checking recent comments on the older vintages (probably 2005 or earlier)?

I did try one bottle w family over the holidays…because it is so young we wisely opened/poured glasses nearly 2 hours before dinner to let it decant. No specific notes but it was inky, rich, and full bodied, chewy tannins…all the good stuff you would expect from a PS…enough that I bought more last wootoff and I may buy more now if my bank acct agrees;)

Hope that helps!

Edit: I should also add that my parents loved this stuff as well…they aren’t huge wine connoisseurs but they do drink it nightly, and as a group we all enjoy powerful reds. This fit the bill!

OF COURSE, I bought some more. This is one of my favorite wines purchased from wine woot! I didnt even look at the price, i just pushed that large gold button!

The original Red Zep. offer from 2009 was excellent, it was a three pack and I loved all three different bottles. I bought this last time in the woot-off, and havn’t tried it yet.
I am curious though about bottle aging since these are screw caps and I have been lead to believe that screw caps don’t let enough air through to properly age a wine.

With that said I would put these firmly in the drink now to whenever spot on the rack, not to hold on to expecting something fantastic.

I think the stuff has great potential. I tried a bottle, its drinking very young at the moment with a tartness. I actually liked it alot, but you will definitely need to lie the bottle down for a year or two, and possibly longer. I am in for 1 myself, and I was in for 2 last woot off.

From what I understand (w/r/t reading not tasting) the 2009 was a step backward from the 2005 BZ offered in early 2010.

I am hanging on to my 2005 Black for something special still. That said. Redzep’s other wines have all been excellent ( the 2005 Vinidiction and 2005 Syrah i believe)

After having had many Red Zeppelin wines (thanks WD!) and loving them I have to say this is my least favorite. It’s a good wine but I prefer the 05 hands down. I wish I had the patience to not open it for a few years

would be in but for the cross country move coming up…

I’m going to pass. Besides, I’m afraid all these wines will get here when I’m on vacation.

Well, I think the WW acclaim stems from the 2005, which was very well-received on CT.

But we’re not being offered the 2005… and the “immediate drink” notes from the 2009 were not encouraging. Like I said, I hope that time in the bottle helps, but I’m not going to buy more on that hope, either.