Red Zeppelin Winery - Three Pack

Red Zeppelin Winery - Three Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
Condition: Red
1 2005 Black Zeppelin
1 2005 Red Zeppelin Syrah
1 NV (05/06) Red Zeppelin Vinidiction

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Red Zeppelin on Facebook

Congrats to hld1970 for the correct guess!

What a surprise, high alcohol and Paso Robles . . . .

i may be forced to buy this based on the winery name alone.

hey hey what can i do?

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Howdy, hos! I’m Stillman Brown, the Red Zeppelin winemaker/founder/vineyard consultant/party hurler. I’m here to answer questions and try to remember that harvest in September, and the pH to the third decimal. (Sorry, but one of my favorite wine bar owners had a birthday party, so I’m soluble.) I hear the surf outside my window (really, it’s that big) and I’ll be around the next 48 hours for all y’all. Clone 877, turbocharged Grenache, Alvis screwcaps, and the best wine to serve with thrash metal or Domenico Scarlatti . . . I have advice worth its weight in organic sulfur! And party invites.

Some notes from

Red Zeppelin Black Zeppelin 2005 is a big, bold, and ultimately beautiful red wine blend of Syrah, Alicante, and Cabernet. It is dry and full bodied, with powerful fruit flavors and firm tannins. Suggested retail price is $50. Overall composite score: 97 points.

Tempting indeed…

In for one, and expecting it to rock the pants off Le Cigare Volant, which is one of the best red blends I’ve ever had and worth every bit of the $30 or so per bottle.

Throwing down a gauntlet like that takes some serious swagger - about as much swagger as Robert Plant puts into “Black Dog.”

also…please labrat me.

Tell me about it! I had to re-test the Black Zeppelin for Japanese export, and it came up 16.1 instead of the 15.9 on the label. I pick on flavor and seed lignification, and when I see a storm offshore . . .

I buy for the name, my gut feeling, and the entertaining winemaker.

I don’t know nothin’ ‘bout no labrattery rules or nothin’, but I wouldn’t mind labrattin’ this offerin’. However, it mus’ be expressed that I ain’t no wordsmith, and I ain’t know much about describin’ wine with fancy terms an’ such, but I know a good wine when I taste one, so y’all let me know if you be wantin’ a good, honest 'pinion.

I rarely buy woot wines that are actually wine. I bought the Adequate gift pack for the story, and the mead a while ago because, hell its mead.

I am buying this for the name. I hope it is good!

I comment because there is a stereotype of Paso Robles wines–which often turns out to be just that, a stereotype. But then a 16%er shows up!

Did you acidulate the Black Zeppelin? Or did it retain acidity well with the high sugar ripeness?

Awesome, a real question! I don’t get this at Las Vegas events. I whacked the 05 Black a bit (1.2g/L tartaric) based on the harvest chemistry of 6.6 ta and 3.68 pH. I wanted the acid & pH to be roughly the same at the end of fermentation as at harvest. It’s an E facing hill on the cooler side of Paso so it wasn’t dangerous.

Why did you blend two vintages into one wine? Not enough wine for the first vintage? Left overs? Was it always planned to be that way?

Side question: You have one purchase on one of the woot sites. What did you buy?

To find out about the wildest winery party in the U.S., CayucaPalooza, Wet Zeppelin II: go to (my nickname, ahem).
In case you’re on the Central Coast next August, our Cal Poly enology & viticulture scholarship fundraiser is an extravaganza of wine, food, music, and absurd behavior. Our attorneys have advised us not to post videos or pictures . . . but we can tell you where to find them. Or make your own!

I made an 04 Vinidiction (Syrah/Cab blend, both Bear Valley) but the NV Vinidiction is 05 Bear Valley Syrah and 06 Paso (Hall-Brady) Cab; the 05 Bear Valley Cab didn’t ripen enough to be an Red Zeppelin wine, and the 06 was too earthy/herbal. (I made most of the 06 Bear Valley Syrah into a 2nd label wine.) As the various lots I had in the cellar aged, I kept tasting them to see what was most compatible. Despite the ‘leftover’ connotation of non-vintage, I went with it.
I got the tea!

I love me some Syrah, and all of these seem to be swimming with it.

Can you let us (me) know why the “1% White Varietal” was thrown into the mix on the Syrah?