Red Zeppelin Winery - Three Pack

Wait; Cow Piley has an enology and viticulture program? Since when? I don’t remember one when I attended.

Are you a graduate?

In for two willing to labrat

BTW, the Alicante Bouschet in the Black Zeppelin was the first planting of this varietal in SLO County in sixty years; I thought it would be one of the few varietals able to stand up to low yielding Syrah in a field blend, and contribute animal/plum notes (it’s appx 16% of the wine). It’s a cross of Grenache and Petite Bouschet (which is half Aramon?? and half Tenturier, thus the color) and so could be referred to as a turbocharged Grenache, or for you viticulturally inclined Norwegian punk rock fans, a Turbonegro-charged Grenache. Ahem! Great band . . . .

Nay, I am a Berkeley grad from eons past. The Cal Poly program only started 5 years ago, and is up to 300 students. I had a scholarship application on Facebook today!!

It looked harmless enough, and I thought it might contribute a bit of acidity. I brought canes to various profs and growers, the semi-consensus was Sauv Blanc but it’s grassless.

For all those new to “Labrat” and/or “rattery” ……

Cheron98 has kindly put all information about the Labrat program at the beginning of the Labrat Thread (where she kindly and graciously cross-posts all the labrat posts into one convenient place).

She has the rules of “rattery” there. As well as a listing of the labrats and offers from June 2 of last year (2008).

Only the Monday offer will have labrats. Offers later in the week will not.

In essence, once you sign up for the labrat program, you are eligible to receive an additional bottle from the current offer (via FedEx overnight) if:

a) Sign up for the labrat program (See WineDavid’s Signature line).
b) You purchase the new Sunday/Monday offer before the deadline (usually 10 am CT, Monday).

There are no set guidelines other than doing your best to present your opinions about the labrat bottle in a timely manner (since there may be some people on the fence about the current offer, and are waiting for your opinions). You can be as creative (or not) as you want. Read thru some of the previous labrats to get an idea. There are a lot of humorous reports, as well as serious ones.

Some have used the UC Davis Wine Scoring System and others have used the Parker 100 point system. Others have just used “It’s Good!”. There is no right or wrong way to report.

For a quick overview of the majority of wine scoring systems, the DeLong Wine Ratings Review is available as a PDF.

DeLong Wine has been on Wine.Woot before with their Varietal Chart and Tasting Books, and sponsors The Century Club for those who have tasted over 100 different varietals (and we have several Wine.Wooters as members, with others on the verge). Check out Century Club thread in the World of Woot Wine for more info. And they’ve added a “Doppel Member” status for those who have tasted over 200 different varietals. They are supposed to have a new form (Word and Excel) in May to help with the 200.

VERY interesting. My own point system is the dollar scale, combining both objective and subjective criteria; I once unkindly suggested that the ‘purely objective’ numerical wine rating scales were developed by critics who got all their wine for free . . .

So why do you show on the label a Red Zeppelin that has crashed? I wouldn’t think you’d want your product associated with “crash and burn”.

Red Zeppelin Winery - Three Pack
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This is the first time I’ve logged on early on a Monday morning to find a wine that would ship to AZ (the shipping combined with ‘Sunday night is the night I go out at the end of my work week so I don’t get on the computer until late in the day Monday’ make things difficult here). Is it wrong that I bought it with the hope of getting my very first chance to be a lab rat? (hint, hint) :slight_smile:

No Tennessee… :O( Better luck next time.

Stillman makes Awesome Wine!! This is a steal! I’ve consumed at least several cases of this wine with the winemaker himself while attending his off the scale fun parties in Cayucos, California. It’s world-class fine wine and if you’re lucky, you will attend his annual event featuring multiple live bands. Cheers! “Steely” Dan

OK, I’m in for a set. $15/bottle is worth the risk for Paso Robles for me.

Whoa, a marketing question? Or is it a label design question? Anyway, the first gen label (Syrah and Vinidiction) has the crashing Zeppelin that fits the original story. The 2nd gen label on the Black, and the White (Viognier) and Cabernet shows a sideways flying Zeppelin, and the 3rd gen (at this point an awesome painting by Adam Licsko yet unseen by the world) has the Zeppelin flying toward the observer. Am I trying to cover every angle or hopelessly confusing the issue? Yes.

Thanks, Dan. I love your Pinot Noir, too. Since when do you own up to that nickname, anyway? I thought everyone liked it except you?!?

[How good is this deal?](" title="How good is this deal?)

I’m still working on completing this comparison, as shipping prices are not listed on the winery website. However, based on the per bottle prices, this one is working out to be one heck of a deal even before shipping is taken into consideration.

Click the link above for full discount details, CT links and prices, and all the rest.

In for one; I love me some whacky blends.

Would LOVE to rat this, and it’s been a while (hint hint)

Based on fedex ground rates and a styro 3pack, my winery shipping is $15 to the Western US and $20 to the Central and Eastern US. That info isn’t on the Red Zeppelin site, it’s from my shipper.

The WineWoot price for these wines is pretty much my friends and family price, with cheaper shipping.

In. Happy to 'rat!

This deal makes me really wish I was able to get wine shipped to me in Pennsylvania. Does anyone know if there’s a way to find out if this wine exists in any stores near me? I tried the website but it didn’t have any kind of information about it.