Red Zeppelin Winery - Three Pack Woot Info Post
I like Woot, Toow! -!

Red Zeppelin Winery - Three Pack - $49.99 + $5 shipping

1 * 2005 Black Zeppelin, 1 * 2005 Red Zeppelin Syrah, 1 * NV (05/06) Red Zeppelin Vinidiction

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A Wine woot off? Is this legal?

Get on board, and start freezing your wallet now if you don’t want it to break itself out when something you missed but reeealy wanted shows up again.

This offer is identical to the previous one.

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1 2005 Black Zeppelin

1 Red Zeppelin Syrah

1 NV(05/06)Red Zeppelin Vindiction

Oh, and if you want to look for jwhite’s spreadsheet, you can find it here.

Winery Website. I knew I was forgetting something!

i did just try the red zeppelin from the last offering and it was quite good… must try to resist

If they had a normal wine club, the ones we opened from the last offering would have gotten us to join. I tucked the black zeppelin away in the wine fridge, so I’m very excited to have some around again. If there wasn’t the possibility of more Ty Caton coming up I’d probably be in for 3.

Highly recommended.

Tempted, I had the two non-black zepplin wines and they were both very good.

That being said, not sure if I can afford more wine :frowning:

I love the sryah and have a case of black zeppelin. Def. good deals in their wine club, must resist. How bout Stillman just hooks it up with some sryah!

Loved these the first time around, still have to try the Black Zep. Recommended!

Congrats on the First Sucker!

I’d be in if I hadn’t just ordered 3 of the Helix 4-set. :frowning:

Wonder if we’ll see any Tudor or Kent today? sigh, so much for getting any work done.

Ugh… Got the 3 pack a month ago and had one. It was very good.

What the heck, I am in for another 3 pack…

I like the wine.wootoffs. In the future, maybe I’ll get a smaller order to see if I like them first. For instance here, the Vinidiction I had was enough to keep me from ordering this again (it was way to candy like).

Just finished my last three pack – Black Zepp was by far the best, loved the NV Vindication, but the 05 Syrah wasn’t my fav – I’d have to look at my CT notes to remember why, for sure . . . Maybe I can gift that one & enjoy the other two??

Does Red Zeppelin not have a wine club for a reason?

Rumors of more Ty Caton are out there?

I heart Woot-offs!

I’ve wooted twice in the past 7 days, I don’t know if my credit card will melt if I get this…but it’s sure tempting to find out.

Read above, they do have a club- check the website

Saddddddd face. I am so poor, and I wanna buy another set of skiboards before the season’s ova…

I bought three sets last time and have only tried the Syrah and Black. Loved them both so I am in for 3 more. Woot is killing me! I love this stuff and must impose the SIWWBM or however they abbreviate it. LOL

Thanks Woot for another go-round with this wine.

Oof. I was disappointed I passed this up the first time, I won’t be disappointed again! Even though I just ordered the Scott Harvey 3 pack on monday… and had to pay for some car repairs after offroading in the snow (don’t ask)… my CC is hurting! Damn you wine.woot.

I do believe the one you are referring to is the SIWBM, or Self Imposed Wine Buying Moderation. Another that may prove useful is SWMBO, or She Who Must Be Obeyed. YMMCV, but I’d bet one of those two fits your needs here.