Red Zeppelin Winery - Three Pack


This stuff looks so tastey but I’ve got 10 bottles on the way…

Black Zeppelin

Red Zeppelin Syrah

05 Red Zeppelin Vindication


Stillman Brown is cooler than the other side of the pillow!

I modified the SIWBM to suit my situation.

Self Imposed Red Wine Buying Moratorium

is this the same 3 pack as red zeppelin 3 pack

ZOMG this stuff is good. Wife just went in for one.

What’s next? Scott Harvey? Andrew Murray? STOP FOR THE SAKE OF MY WALLET!

The syrah doesn’t look so good, the black zeppelin looks decent. Anyone have TN on the vindication?


yes it is.

I’ve got to run to work so I don’t have time to look up the Lab Rat reports (which anyone can in the “world of woot wine” community pages), but there have been generally good reviews overall. I really liked the Syrah and didn’t so much enjoy the Vinidiction - but I’m willing to give it another shot! In for 2 (who needs money when you have wine!).

In! This was some great juice…last offered, what, 3-4 months ago?

Bought this the last time around. All three wines were excellent, would get again if it were not for the retrenching effort required after our tax bill!

you got it!

Tempting, but I’m not sure if I should go for it.

I stupidly missed this last time around, but I’ve gotten to try the wines via the wine.woot dinners with the group here in Dallas. These are tasty, and I am not passing them up this time!

inZINerator? (Fingers crossed)

Ok, I can’t resist this one. Too much wine is headed my way.