Redi Top Portable Folding Table

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Redi Top Portable Folding Table
Price: $39.99
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Condition: New


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12/28/2015 - $39.99 (Woot Plus)

A few good reviews (3.3 out of 5.0) over at

A table that can’t stand on its own? Uh, okay.

This idea is exactly what I’ve been looking for. If it was wider, I would attach it to the end of our dining room table to accommodate more people during holiday and special event meals.

This would be a Shark Tank fail.

I would have wanted one if they would have put 4 legs on it so you could use it stand alone.

This has to be the strangest Woot ever! And it qualifies under the “Sport” category because…?

The first thing I thought when I saw it was that it could latch to a tailgate to give you more room for food and drinks, but looking at the specs I’m not even sure if the legs go high enough to match the tailgate height. And the width is only 18"? I agree that this is a fail. Only needs a few tweaks to be a really useful product though…

Sport, camping, tailgating. Not sure where the confusion is. If you want a 4 leg table you have 1000s of choices so click on the next tab and move on. I am in. I cannot find this anywhere cheaper than $100! Seems like the list price is off. Course I would not buy one for $100, but $40.

Thing is, this seems like what not to bring to a tailgate, less adaptability, smaller size, and more expensive than a “possibly?” sturdier normal folding table.

I suppose makes for the compact scenario where it’s you and one other person with a 2 steak grill.

If this intrugues you, check out the FlightTable,®-CARRY-ON-LUGGAGE-TABLE-SUITCASE/dp/B000I106PK
wheeled laptop carryone luggage…

This is just amazing

If you are tailgating or camping and space is at a premium, this is a pretty good sized table that folds into a pretty small package. You’d still need another table, this this can add a pretty sizable workspace.

Would a regular table be more flexible? Yes, but I doubt a table of that size could fold down as small as this.

Not sure its worth $40, but I could definitely see a use for this for my tailgates.

Buy two?

This was designed by a guy who doesn’t get out much. Not very attractive.

Just decided to take the one I purchased here a few weeks ago out of the box. The tabs that hold the folded table together broke off as soon as I unfolded the table. Not sure about the quality of this table. At least the tabs were separate pieces that attach with screws to the rest of the of table, so if I can get the manufacturer to send me new tabs (or a bag of them since these tabs will probably not last with use), then that will be one problem solved.

Just got 3 of the reditops. They don’t mention the molding blemishes in most corners. Can’t set a drink on them safely, but too shallow for cupholders.