Redline Compressor Men's Watches

I bought one of these last time they were offered on Woot. I really like the look of the watch and it feels very solid. Quality and finish are generally high.

However, it’s just absolutely enormous - possibly the biggest thing I’ve ever seen that’s supposed to be a wristwatch. It’s big enough that one could easily confuse it for an ankle tracker, as used by the FBI. Embarrassingly, my actual wrist is only twice as big as the watch.

So, if you’re considering one of these watches, definitely take careful note of the size! It is every inch of its two inch diameter and half inch thickness, and it weighs enough to snap delicate wrists in two.

Sorry, don’t mean to be a party pooper but it’s only 1.77". If you think that’s big look at the Swiss Legend Neptunes under the “Hues of Blue” section under “Accessories and Watches”. They are 52mm (2") case dia. and 19mm (3/4") thick. Those are BIG! If interested, see my post in that section re: the Neptunes size & weight.

If interested in seeing the supposedly biggest watch in the world, go here World’s Biggest Watch to see it.

I have one of these, and it’s an average “large” men’s watch. Typical size, thickness, and weight. Any man with an average to large size wrist would be quite comfortable with the size of this watch. It’s not a small, thin, or light watch. If you like the watch and have an average or large wrist, go ahead and get it. The gentleman quoted above is exaggerating.

I am with the others on this re: size. Just picked up one of these and already received it(thanks Woot!). I was concerned about the size based on a few reviews, but it is considerably smaller than a Vestal I have and much lighter. I have pretty thin wrists (the band buckles on second smallest “size hole”) and it looks great on my arm.

Time will tell how well it…err…tells time, but so far I really am happy with it.

I was interested in one of the compressor models but was concerned about the unique silicone bands as to whether replacements could be ordered and, since they appear to be attached differently than most watches, if a special tool would be needed. I emailed them and just received a response that, “in essence” says, straps could be ordered and a tool is required to replace the strap. Unfortunately, the email also said it was intended solely for me and any dissemination (H-a-a-h, he said dissemination!) of the response is forbidden! Thus the “in essence” part. I know it’s kinda late in the game, since the sale ends tomorrow, but for anyone interested the email address I used was:

I love the silicone bands of these watches and I prefer them to any other type of band. They’re so comfortable and easy to clean. They don’t restrict your wrist movement like metal and leather bands which makes them great to wear to work and use while I’m on the computer.