Redwing 44 Backpack



Been waiting for two days for this and the first to purchase. Woot hoo.


Buy this. They’re virtually indestructible. All the clips are heavy duty. It has great storage, section for a water bladder, and durable material.


Yes!!! Been waiting for this as well. The solution to my carry-on travels.


Been waiting for the Redwing 50 and I see it already went earlier. D$%#$#


Darn, I’ve been looking for that one as well. I guess I’ll just hope it comes around again! Good luck.


Was wishing for the Kelty Redwing 50 in M/L to come back up but couldn’t wait any longer to replace my 10 year old pack. Maybe I’ll need to take myself on some more hikes to drop the pounds so the torso strap fits!


Probably not the first to say this but Backpack.woot is getting a bit old!


bring back 110. i changed my mind and want to buy it.

although i’m still skeptical its actually 110L


I thought that too until I finally gave in and got my first Kelty a few weeks ago. Now I own 3! Looks like Woot has forced me into camping. These are also incredible for carry on luggage. I’ve joined the Kelty cult - In for one more!


Purchased two of these in July for my go bags. Ended up using one of them constantly for everyday use so I bought a 3rd a month later. I now have 3 of these backpacks, 3 kelty duffle bags, 2 fridge totes. I guess we are a kelty family. If anyone is questioning the quality or functionality of this bag I would say it is the best pack I’ve ever owned. (not a backpacker so my experience is limited) I still say how much I love this pack everytime I use it. I thought about pulling the trigger on the redwing 50 a couple weeks ago but the large pack was already out.