Reebok 10-Pound Neoprene Hand Weight

Just noticed your image of MA colored dark green makes it look rather… uh… infected. (Someone colored in the harbor LOL.)

Edit - by the look of other maps, I don’t think it was a coloring mistake - seems someone drained Boston harbor and Cape Cod Bay all together. Woo Hoo! Real estate!

Normally, dumbell weights are about a buck a pound, maybe a bit more for a fancy neoprene grip…which will over time wear down and become smooth, making it more difficult to firmly grasp the weight. I prefer good ol’ steel DBs, and a pair of gloves if needed. I usually lift with no gloves unless it’s real heavy. 10# is fairly light… Plus shipping this would run $14 for 10#…I would pass…plus, whoever delivers it is going to hate you when they drop it on their foot…

I got two tracking numbers for my order of 2 dumbbells. UPS reports one box is 10.40 lbs and the other box is 9.90 lbs. Interesting. Someone needs to buy a new weigh scale :slight_smile:

The cartons and fiberglass reinforced paper packing tape were no match for the lilliputian weights and delicate UPS handling. The long corner edge on the bottom of one carton split wide open, and the paper tape sealing the bottom flaps on the other carton was mostly ripped open too, among other signs of tear. I was surprised that the weights didn’t end up on the floor of some distribution center.

I also noticed that the cartons were made in Chattanooga TN, shipped by UPS from Secaucus NJ, with shipper address as Carrollton TX. It reminds me of old luggage with travel stickers from around the world :).

If you haven’t noticed, yes I’m bored (and I used to work for a company shipping heavy stuff).