Reebok Heart Rate Monitor and Sports Watch



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Reebok Heart Rate Monitor and Sports Watch
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Reebok Heart Rate Monitor and Sports Watch

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here we go again… decent woot… comparison shopping links on useful linkage… i like this one… fun.






Neat product but would it kill them to add a little style? As it is now it looks like one of those $5 watches you buy at Walgreens.


Who really makes the watch ? I know it’s Reebok branded, Just interested in the durability.


These things generally perform very poorly. They don’t measure your pulse through your wrist, but rather when you place your fingers on the top of those two shiny dots. Impossible to do while running.


EKG accurate? really?? for $25… has anyone had one of these? is it really that accurate?


This wont do me any good, I’m heartless


Buy a Timex one from Amazon for 27USD including shipping.


Hmmm…not sure on this one, UGLY, manual, but functional.


4 training zone sessions?

I’ve got one zone. Right where I’m at now.


what are the chances its a Rolex?


WTF ??? This can’t touch my SWATCH !!!


I have a similar watch made by sigma. The press + hold feature is terrible to use and makes the watch a pain (literally! you have to press pretty hard). You’re better off buying a wristwatch HRM with a chest strap.


i think i won one of those out of a quarter machine a few months ago, no joke!


I’ve been looking for a cheap heart rate monitor for the longest time.

Thanks woot!!


most wooters can go to bed now.this is mainly for people that workout. you know run, bike…train. don’t worry there will be a donut fryer on tomorrow’s woot.


AWESOME, I’ll never have to get out of my chair again…