Reebok Men's Athletic Shorts 3-Pk or 6-Pk

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Reebok Men’s Athletic Shorts 3-Pk or 6-Pk
Price: $24.99 - 44.99
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Condition: New


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Very tempting Woot! I started back in the gym and need some shorts with pockets.

Comments from a previous offer

Got a pair of these in a previous woot! I like the way they fit but they almost immediately started getting holes at the seams, so I’ll pass this time.

How is it that Red/Black/Royal is a valid combination for the 3 pack but you can’t get that combination in a 6 pack?

Are the 6-packs actually pre-packaged? And not just 2 of the 3 packs?

How can shorts have a 32" inseam? Must be for one of those people over 7 feet tall? I like an inseam of about 6 inches for a sports short, not the longer variety,so I can’t tell what is being offered here.

Worst leg model ever

I purchased these last time and after first wash the seams started ripping apart with long threads coming out. I wasn’t the only one to have this happen looking at the comments. I would stay away from these.

That is why they are called shorts not short shorts. Why would you want 6" so everything can show???

Do you know how long 32" are? That’s the length on regular pants, not shorts. And don’t worry, 6" inseams on shorts don’t show “everything,” that has been a standard size. Or 8" , BUT NOT 32", that’s impossible.

I agree with OP, last shorts I bought on Woot were 9" inseam which was borderline for me, I think I prefer 11" I wish Woot would get this corrected. These look short however.

$10 a pair of shorts? I can get them for that price at walmart and have a lot better of a color selection. Not even close to a deal.

I’m not going to speculate on 6" shorts, but shorts with a 32" inseam would be covering my shoes.

Remember, that’s not measuring from the waistband.

Something’s not right with that number.

I wonder if it’s really 32 centimeters.

Okay woot! where is the staff response to all these comments? Or are we talking to ourselves only? I would like to know what the real inseam measurement is as I might then purchase these…if you have my desired size and colors.

I bought 2 packs of these last time too - I like them. They fit well, are comfortable at the gym, and so far have held up to repeated washings. Please, for all that is holy, do NOT tuck a t-shirt into them. For any reason. Ever.

The last Reebok shorts I bought from Woot fell apart almost immediately.

It would be nice if you had some in a size smaller than colossal. Seriously, the sizes start with Medium which was sold out before you even listed this on the front page. Then they go up from there to Large, XL, and XXL. If you can’t offer all sizes, get it off the front page, IMO.

The inseam on these are from 8" to 10" depending on the size you get. Mediums have an 8" inseam, L and XL have 9", and XXL have a 10" inseam.

The inseam on these are from 8" to 10" depending on the size you get. Mediums have an 8" inseam, L and XL have 9", and XXL have a 10" inseam.

Hope this helps!