Reebok Men's Performance Shorts

Kids Woot! looks a lot cooler than this.

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Reebok Men’s Performance Shorts
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days (Friday, May 30 to Wednesday, Jun 04) + transit
Condition: New


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Do they have pockets? I need a place to store my tennis balls.

Agreed. Pockets? In-seam length?

Pocketses? Does it have pocketses Precious?

Is they see through like some of Reebok’s shorts?

How about a liner, do they have a liner, otherwise known as the balls pocket, not to be confused with the tennis balls pocket, if you know what I mean.

Sizing? I’m not sure what size to get… any help?

They do appear to have pockets. If you magnify the image on the main page (use the magnifying glass), there looks to be a pocket along the white seam.

They grey pair shows it best, since the pocket is blocking some of the white.

Since when did woot become a clothing store? It seems about 20 percent of their listings now are clothing related… lame

I said l-a-m-e not granola!!!

Nice find how ever, at 14.99 youre getting shorts that have a cut tag, meaning they were most likely cut wrong, defective… (for those who didnt read, im refering to the ones on amazon, link above, not these new ones on woot… these are an awesome deal!)

Lol, u can edit that silly!

Found this description for “identical” looking, size large, Reebok shorts on Ebay selling for $14.99 + $3.40 shpg, new w/tags:

Solid Black with White Stripe Seaming down Sides. Embroidered RBK logo on left leg bottom in white.

2 front pockets.

Inseam is 9".
Waist measurement: 15 1/2" unstretched.
Length of shorts from waist to leg bottoms: 20".

Machine Wash Warm, Tumble Dry Low. Cool Iron if needed.

Seriously, I was wondering about pockets to discover nothing available in small. Score one for 2x exercise guys at the Oxymoron Gym.

Found a sizing chart over at the Sporting Goods Store That Makes Twelve Year Olds Snicker:

M: 38.5-39.5
L: 40.5-42.5
XL: 43.5-45.5
XXL: 46.5-48.5

Yeah, I dunno why the extra half inch… probably just to give a little breathing space for those folks on the edge of a size.

Agree that there appear to be pockets on the grey pair–thx for pointing that out–but I don’t see pockets on any of the others w/ the magnified version plus browser magnification. (Also, I’m not convinced the Amazon link provided leads to this pair of shorts.) Combined w/ the curious omission of a single bullet that says, “Pockets,” on either the Features or Specs page, I’m a wee bit wary.

Edit: I see the pockets on the Royal & Red pairs too now on 2nd look.

If it does not explicitly say “pockets” it means it does not have pockets, other exercise shorts that Woot had in the past mentioned “pockets”. I cannot buy these without pockets.