Reebok Men's Performance Shorts

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My experience was different as far as the quality goes. Mine fit well and only suffered what I would find acceptable as some stitching tags.

Only thing I don’t like is the location and opening of the pockets. Other than that, they aren’t uncomfortably tight and the fabric breathes well so they are pretty cool to wear.

Ditto on the unravelling, but only on one of the four pairs, with the others holding strong. May just be that Woot got the batch without being told WHY they were on steep discount…

From the sound of these comments, I think I’m safer sticking with my Walmart Starter shorts since they seem to work just fine.

Sorry about the multiple postings. My internet has decided to be full of fail.

Save your money. I bought two last time around a few months ago and A. The fabric is very rough and B. The seam on one pair is ripped already. They appear to be factory seconds because I have other Reebok shorts which have lasted for years.

Those shorts are awesome.

How good is the warrenty? Is it worth the risk?

The inseam is 31"-32". Seriously??? I’d have to hem them up if I wanted to wear them as pants.

I bought three pair the last time. After reading how bad they are here I guess I didn’t get as good of a deal as I thought!

Seriously, I like mine, have a pair on now. The pockets aren’t as deep as my favorite NordicTrack, or Nike shorts, but I’m not sure that’s a bad thing. I haven’t experienced any of the negative factors others have expressed. To be fair these are not $40 shorts, but for $10? I’m buying a couple more pair.

There was an expose’ on “60 Minutes” years ago about the “factory outlet” stores that are found across the USA.

The bottom line was that most of the stuff was made specifically for sale in those stores and at the price point they offered.

The “Compare to $89.95” or whatever was pure you-know-what.

You can compare apple juice to cognac, but it doesn’t make it the same thing.

You get what you pay for and be very worried about bargains in the current 21st century marketopolis.

This does NOT mean that good deals cannot be found on Woot! Just thank all the posters who sift through the deals and report back!

These are very poorly made and fall apart the seams after only one use.

Wow … Thanks for the comments about the Reebok shorts. But to the folks saying all Woot sells is factory reject stuff, I have to say, I was going to buy these solely because I bought 2 pair (they only had 2 in my size) of the FILA shorts 2 months ago off Woot! for the same price and they are some of the best shorts I’ve owned.
Use them camping, projects around the house/yard, fishing, running, etc and they have been holding up great. No better or worse than the $40 UnderArmor shorts I was given for my birthday.
I guess I’ll just hold out until FILA shorts are back …

I’m not sure why you thought you’d hear back from them. If you don’t like their product, they’re not exactly going to redo their entire product line to make you happy…

But the claim is that they ARE $40 dollar shorts being sold for $10.

If I want to buy $10 shorts for $10 I can just drop by Walmart/Target/Kmart and have them 20 minutes from now rather than ordering them from Woot.

Ha, that’s funny, as I was skimming through the comments, I was intending to post that, while I didn’t know about the Reebok shorts in this woot, I did buy a couple of pairs of the FILA shorts a couple months back, and they were just as shoddy as the Reebok shorts people are complaining about here.

On one pair, the stitching was coming out around the pockets and down the sides before I had even worn them, and on the other pair after wearing and washing them, the same started to happen. I needed some new shorts for workouts/household work as I’ve had to retire a few recently, but I don’t dare wear those FILA shorts to do anything strenuous, they might just disintegrate on me.

Yeah pretty much. The impression is that these are of the quality you would get buying a $40 pair off the shelf at a store. If they’re not (and in most cases, it seems they’re not), then the $10 plus shipping is not really a great deal, then, is it?

Woot… Obviously these shorts don’t have a 31 to 32" inseam. I’d like to know what length to inseam is. Why do you post incorrect information so often???

I too, purchased 3 pairs of these shorts the last go round. 1 pair snagged bad on something, and the crotch split open. One of the other two pairs fit two sizes smaller, with the same exact tag size. So out of three, I have one pair that I may be able to use for while before they are junk as well. Save your money or buy the better quality and still cheap shorts at Target or Walmart, these just aren’t worth the money.


I still buy from Woot, but it seems they continue to spiral downward.
Thanks for all the honest reviews - I’m out.

Did I read the specs correctly … the inseam on these “shorts” is 32"?

That’s the inseam - measured from the leg cuff to the point where the inside of both legs meet (at the gooch cover)?

Good grief! If that’s true, these shorts are almost the same inseam as my regular trousers. These aren’t shorts, they’re “Longs”!