Reebok Mens Core Knit Jogger LoungePants

Reebok Mens Core Knit Jogger LoungePants

What do the columns represent in the size chart? It seems like the third column would be inseam, but those are odd sizes. There are hardly any differences in inseam between S, M, and L, and the 3XL inseam is the same length as the M inseam.

Looks like the first or second column could be waist size, but which one?

Also, can’t tell from the pictures, and there’s nothing in the specs, about whether there is a back pocket. It looks like there are front pockets.

Hi there. We added labels to the size chart. We’re asking the vendor about your other questions.

Very disappointing purchase. I have another pair of Reebok joggers and they are awesome. These are nothing like them. They are like cheap light weight sleep pants that they cuffed the bottom and put a Reebok symbol on. If I’d seen them in the store I would never have wasted $20 on them.