Reebok Men's Mesh Banded Shorts 2-Pack

Just received a pair. Decent quality, but pockets are pretty shallow.

I bought 2 pairs for playing tennis. The ones with vertical stripes have fairly deep pockets (I can comfortably put 2 tennis balls in a pocket) but the ones that have a horizontal stripe and then come up to a point on the stitching have very shallow pockets. I can still play tennis with them as one ball fits fine, but they are noticeably small pockets.

It looks like the words I was searching for are banded and striped. Banded have shallow pockets. Striped pockets are good.

Can anyone tell me how long they are (the outseam - not the inseam)? I don’t want them to come down past my knees…

I ordered a pair for my husband. Although they arrived early, I didn’t get exactly what I’d purchased. I received 1 of each type (bandes & stripes) of the shirts. There is a noticable difference between the 2. The banded ones are short (couple inches above the knee) with small pockets. The ones with the stripes are long (hit at the knee) with deep pockets.

I’m very sorry. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

I got a red and black medium banded shorts and I feel the pockets are shallow. At least compared to my Fila shorts which are also mediums. I have a small phone (Sony Xperia z1 compact) and it doesn’t fit all the way into the pocket. The top inch sticks out. The shorts are good enough that I’ll keep them, but I wouldn’t buy again.

Oh, and the draw string is also super short. I’ve had to permanently tie them off to keep the strings from retracing into the waistband.